Sofia Vergara’s lookalike niece Claudia reveals why she can’t borrow some of her aunt’s clothing

Sofia Vergara's lookalike niece Claudia reveals why she can't borrow some of her aunt's clothing

The ‘Modern Family’ star gives her niece fashion advice

Sofia Vergara and her niece Claudia Vergara not only look alike, but they also share a similar sense of style. The 27 year old revealed to Us Weekly’s Stylish that she and her famous aunt constantly swap clothing. She said, “We share clothes all the time, all the time. Anything from the waist down, for sure. From the waist up, I don’t have the boobs for it.”

Although she might not be able to fill in her aunt’s tops, there is one item from the Modern Family star’s closet that Claudia can’t take. She explained, “I borrow everything from her except shoes because she’s 5’9”, so it’s the one thing I can’t steal, but purses and jackets for sure. We’re also the same size in denim, so that too.”

Aside from letting Claudia borrow clothes from her wardrobe, Sofia also gives her niece important fashion advice. The 47 year old encourages her niece to dress for herself no matter what might be in style or not. “She is always like, ‘Just wear whatever you want and don’t follow just what’s on trend. It needs to look good on you,’” Claudia shared. “There are a lot of things on trend that I don’t look great in, so I don’t wear them. You just have to know your body and know what works for you and stick to that.”

While the Latinx Now! host is a fan of her aunt’s style, she also admires the Colombian star’s confidence. “She’s amazing because she did everything by herself,” Claudia said. “She’s a busy woman and a very empowered woman. She doesn’t need anyone and I love that about her.”

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