Reggaeton legend Zion and his son Sean Yev collaborate on Suazo’s New Single «AMOR DE LOS CUERO”

Reggaeton legend Zion and his son Sean Yev collaborate on Suazo's New Single "AMOR DE LOS CUERO”

His recent collaboration “Pamparoso Remix” with Xylon, Rochy D and Kiko el Crazy has generated more than 2.4 million views on YouTube

The singer-songwriter who kickstarted his career with an explosive dembow that took over digital platforms releases TODAY his new single which is destined to take over the world. From Puerto Rico, Suazo releases his new single “AMOR DE LOS CUERO” alongside Reggaeton legend Zion and his son Sean Yev, who officially makes his debut onto the music scene. Under The Baby Boys Inc. label, “AMOR DE LOS CUERO” is now available on all digital music platforms.

Suazo has begun making his dreams come true in 2020 and, according to him, what better way to wrap the year than with a collaboration alongside one of Reggeaton’s original pioneers, Zion. “I envisioned myself recording with Zion within four years of having a solid career. However, I was given the opportunity now and I no words can express what it means to me. Also, collaborating with Zion’s son Sean, who is also a friend of mine, has been a unique experience. With this song, I hope to reach a wider audience since not only am I collaborating with a legend but the song is a trap. It’s based on my personal experiences and I hope fans can relate and get to know me more on a personal level,” expressed Suazo on the opportunity to work with Zion.

Composed by Suazo, Zion, Sean Yev and Labia La Fuerza, “AMOR DE LOS CUERO”, the single addresses the issue of friendships based on convenience, betrayal and what Suazo has gone through in order to get where he is today. “When I refer to ‘AMOR DE LOS CUERO,’ I am talking about fake love, those who tell you ‘I love you bro’ but it is nothing more than a front. That is why it is called AMOR DE LOS CUERO because it’s not sincere. Unfortunately, in life and especially when you’re in the music industry, people will only be there for you when you are at the top but when you are at the bottom, they disappear. I’m sure many people are going to identify with this single,” explained Suazo, in which he sings this part of the song, “Mami siempre me dijo que no confiara en amor de los cueros, cometes una falta y te brincan el charco solo por dinero, yo no confío en panas, yo no tengo amigos, salen traicioneros”.

Simultaneously released with the single, the music video was filmed in Puerto Rico and directed by Wayne Liriano. In the music video, the artists show their journey from having nothing to getting ahead with hard work and without relying on AMOR DE LOS CUERO (fake friends), which only appear when everything is going well.

From the age of 15, he began to show interest in music through improvisations at school with his friends. Today at 19 years of age, Suazo is fulfilling his dream and showing that he has everything to succeed in the urban genre: talent, unique style, versatility and unique lyrics. This year, he signed with the independent label The Baby Boys Inc. and made his debut in March with the release of his first single “Pamparoso” in collaboration with the Dominican Kiko el Crazy. Stemming from the popularity of the song on digital platforms, he collaborated with Xylon, Kiko el Crazy and Rochy RD to release “Pamparoso Remix”, whose video already has more than 2.4 million views on YouTube.

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