Lupita Infante Brings Along her Family in the Music Video of her new anthem for women, «Tengo Mal Gusto»

The GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter, Lupita Infante, has released her new single “Tengo Mal Gusto”, a song in which Lupita reflects on the decisions that women make when falling in love, and the epitome of falling for a not-so-good partner.

The song is released simultaneously with a music video, in which Lupita’s uncle and aunt debut as actors. Listen to “Tengo Mal Gusto” on all digital music platforms.

A few months ago, Lupita Infante visited Mexico City where she met with Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Raquel Sofía and Sinaloan composer Amanda Coronel. During that special occasion, the artists composed several songs, among them “Tengo Mal Gusto,” in which they reflected on their past experiences regarding their questionable decisions in love. “I admire them a lot. I loved writing with these powerful women because they understand what it is to be a woman and the feeling that encapsulates the experience of love. Making this song was very easy because we have had not-so-pleasant experiences with some men and in the end we reflected on the bad taste we have had in love because we did not know how to choose well,” said Lupita Infante.

Produced by Lupita Infante, David Peña, Jorge Iván Vázquez, and Sonny Kennelly, The song serves as a testament to women who have “bad taste” with a partner when finding love, and encouraging them to reflect deeply and make wiser choices to steer clear of heartbreak.

In the comedic music video, Lupita wanted to do something special and chose her Aunt Rita and Tío Arquín’s house to film it. In the video, Lupita meets a man (who is played by Lupita’s real-life husband) whom she likes at first sight. She then presents him to her family and through her loving gaze, her aunt makes her understand that he is not a good choice for her. Without a doubt, it was a very special production for Lupita because it included her family, who has always been the biggest supporter of her music. “We filmed the whole video there at their house and we had a lot of fun. I always wanted to do something special with them regarding my music, and they got excited about this. They really did a wonderful job,” Lupita commented.

Earlier this week, as part of the anniversary of the death of her grandfather Pedro Infante, Lupita released a live video performance cover of his track, “Cien Años.” When reflecting on the importance of the track to her, Lupita explains the following: “Cien Años is a song that I have sung since I was born. My dad (Pedro Infante Torrentera) would sing it, and when I went to his concerts my dad would take me on stage and we would sing it together. I saw him cry many times when singing this song, and after his death in 2009, I understood why he cried. Rest in peace mi padre y abuelo.”

As a 2x GRAMMY®-nominated artist, Lupita was recently included on People en Español’s “Top 25 Most Powerful Woman of 2024” list (read here), and coming from one of the most influential Mexican icons in history, “the legacy she carries on her shoulder makes it almost natural for her to have the artistic inclinations that she does” – LA Times.

As Lupita continues to build her legacy in Musica Mexicana, the release of this female anthem further demonstrates her lyrical talent in expressing strong and compelling messages.

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