Mariachi-pop Star Ingrid Contreras raices her voice for Women in her new single «Me Voy Amándote»

Mariachi-pop Star Ingrid Contreras raices her voice for Women in her new single "Me Voy Amándote"

The song was written by ASCAP “Songwriter of the Year” winner, Joss Favela.

One of the most promising voices of the Regional Mexican genre and mariachi-pop star, Ingrid Contreras, has released her new song “Me voy amándote” (I’m leaving loving you). Written by ASCAP’s “Songwriter of the Year”, Joss Favela, this track is a new way for all women to speak out and is envisioned as a new hymn of self-love for both men and women. Released under the ShowBusiness label, the track is now available on all digital music platforms.

Produced by Joss Favela and Ricardo Orrantia, “Me Voy Amándote” reached Ingrid Contreras’ ears as the ideal song to add to her musical repertoire, not only for the refreshing sound that characterizes Ingrid’s songs but also for the lyrics that one more time serves to speak out for women. “It is no secret that I have always defended the cause in favor of women who are victims of gender violence and I believe that this song is perfect to raise my voice for the cause, once again. It is never enough when every day we see more women being murdered by their partners. This single talks about not losing yourself when you are in a relationship, it’s about knowing how to say goodbye while still loving that person who isn’t in love with you in the same way,” says Ingrid about the message she wants to bring while her country and the world face escalating cases of femicide.

Ingrid mentioned that it is an honor and a dream to be able to sing a song composed by Joss Favela. “I just began my career, and having Joss Favela write a song for my repertoire means a lot to me. I am happy and grateful because it’s the type of song I connect to, because of the realness of its lyrics and the simplicity of the words that touch your emotions. In addition, I found in his song another way to raise my voice against gender violence and be an inspiration for all my followers,” added Contreras.

On his end, Joss Favela said that “Ingrid is a very talented artist, and it’s amazing that my music can carry a message that has meaning, that’s the noblest thing music can have. I applaud her perseverance and the desire to stand out in music in times where it has been difficult for women. There’s a lot of competition, but good music made with heart, love and respect can stand the test of time.”

The music video, directed by Héctor Toro, was filmed in Los Angeles, California. In the video, the woman experiences an internal conflict between the love she feels for her partner and how wrong and toxic she knows that relationship is. It’s a colorful clip with an important message for all women and people, in general, who have experienced the situation of choosing between what they feel and what they should do for their emotional well-being.

Her previous single, “Pobre Corazón” was penned by Mexican star Ana Bárbara and Poncho Arocha. The song gave her fans a song to celebrate a «Day of Heartbreak», and it’s video featured Netflix actor, Nick Milone. The video is a pure visual gem and was co-directed by Hector Toro and Ingrid herself.

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