Venezuelan artist, Manu Manzo, collaborates with DJ RJ Troy for the new remix of “Q Si Q No”

Venezuelan artist, Manu Manzo, collaborates with DJ RJ Troy for the new remix of “Q Si Q No”

The 2015 Latin Grammy nominee, Manu Manzo, collaborates with DJ RJ Troy for the remix of the musical anthem, “Q Si Q No.”

The original song is characterized by the sensual melody in the saxophone, which pays homage to her first love of music: jazz. The Urban Pop Alternative artist transforms the song with a modern touch in this newly released remix.

Both artists met each other at a party in Miami a couple of years ago. Since then, both artists had previously talked about working together, but it never came to be until they stumbled upon the perfect song. RJ Troy connected with the song “Q Si Q No” and that’s how the idea of the remix came about. The Venezuelan singer expressed previously her desire to incorporate herself into the world of electronic music, which is why this collaboration represents her first step in this genre being her first full house remix.

Manu Manzo, who has been recognized for her versatility and her unique music style, expressed her excitement with this collaboration. “I wish that everyone enjoys this remix as much as I do. I hope everyone plays the song at their parties and realizes that there are no limits to music. Everyone should know that you can fuse different musical genres with ease if we don’t limit art,” said the singer.

On his part, RJ Troy comments, “Q Si Q No is my first official remix, and doing it was amazing, and I couldn’t be more happy with the final results. By taking Manu’s super sexy Latin track, and adding a funky bass and the house beat that I love, along with some guitar chords I played, It made the track a completely new dance melody. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”

Manu Manzo is a co-writer with Lucho and Martiza Maresma on “Q Si Q No,” which is featured in her new album “Luna en Géminis.” “Q Si Q No” which is characterized by the fusions of R&B, Jazz, and Urban sounds.

Listen to the remix of “Q Si Q No” HERE.

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