Love. It’s such a strong emotion. It can cause our heart to skip a beat or cause our heart to break.

February elicits images of cupid and his little bow, hearts, candy and romance.

It is also a month to be grateful for the love we receive from and give to those we care about.

This February, I wish to wholeheartedly thank my wonderful patients who visit my office with the gift of a delicate – yet strong – rose.

We will also be offering chocolate kisses and sparkling beverages as we celebrate beautiful you!
And while it’s temping to eat your heart out throughout the month, be mindful about consuming all that sugary sweetness. That euphoric, sugar rush is fun but can result in dramatic weight gain.

If there are areas of your body and face that need a little “self-love”, follow your heart and schedule a virtual or in-person with me.

And we’ll have a heart-to-heart talk and I will develop a personalized plan that addresses your concerns.

After all, we are all young at heart. I look forward to celebrating you this month.

Call 305-661-1996 or visit my website to schedule your appointment.

With heartfelt gratefulness,

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