Farina Becomes The First Female Artist Ever To Grace The Cover Of Playboy Mexico

The urban superstar from Colombia, Farina, makes history by being the first female artist ever to grace the cover of Playboy Mexico.

Proving herself to be an unstoppable force in Latin music, Farina keeps shattering records and distinguishing herself. Over the last two years Farina has also received numerous nominations, and most recently she received a Premios Juventud nomination for “Artista Femenino – On The Rise.Premios Juventud will be broadcast live from Puerto Rico on July 21 on the Univision Network.

Farina’s cover on the July edition of Playboy Mexico is historic and emblematic of the type of artist she is. Fiercely committed to authenticity, Farina has worked hard to pave a path for herself in the music industry. In her interview with Playboy Mexico, Farina opens up about her career, her struggles and her power. To view the history-making article click here.

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