Chiquis Opens Up About Divorce, Self-Love & More in ‘Unstoppable’: ‘Writing This Book Helped Me Heal’

Chiquis Opens Up About Divorce, Self-Love & More in ‘Unstoppable’: ‘Writing This Book Helped Me Heal’

From marriage and divorce to winning a Latin Grammy, Chiquis wears her heart on her sleeves in 20 new chapters.

By Jessica Roiz

In the spring of 2021, Chiquis finalized her second book Unstoppable, out Tuesday (Feb. 8). “It was a big weight off my shoulders,” she tells Billboard. “It was a big relief and I felt that I could breathe again.”

Unstoppable, which is also available in Spanish under the title Invencible, comes seven years after her debut memoir Forgiveness. The former is about her relationship with her late mother Jenni Rivera and coming clean on certain rumors, the latter about overcoming challenges in her personal and professional life.

“Yeah, I’ve been through hell and back a few times, but I’m still standing,” she pens in the introduction pages of her book. “I survived. I figured it out. I learned that nothing and no one will ever stop me from following my heart and my dreams, and becoming the best version of me possible.”

From her journey with marriage and going through a divorce to winning a Latin Grammy and becoming an entrepreneur, Chiquis wears her heart on her sleeve in 20 new chapters.

Below, learn more about Unstoppable in her Q&A with Billboard:

In 2015, you released Forgiveness, a book where you told your truth about many rumors that were circulating. But in Unstoppable, I feel that you really opened up about a lot of things that have happened in your personal and professional life. Why do you feel that penning and publishing this was necessary for your life?

With Forgiveness there was this big, big rumor and cloud over me and I felt that I needed to clean the air and set the story straight. That book helped me so much and set the tone for the years to come. Unstoppable basically picks up where that one finished and so much has happened. Now I feel more mature, more secure, I feel good in my own skin, and I felt that with this book I could talk about a lot of things that have and haven’t been said in the media, and be vulnerable more than anything. I’ve made mistakes as well, I’ve ignored red flags that have caused me pain, and in order to change lives and help other people, you have to be honest and that’s what this book is about. I really let it all out. I put my soul and heart into it and it helped me heal. It was necessary to let it out because there was a lot of misinformation. I’ve worked too hard to let someone say things that aren’t real. Writing this book, and holding on to it for a little bit, helped me heal and I’m ready for what’s to come.

Can you take us back to the day you finished this book and how you felt?

I finished it around March or April 2021, so a lot of things that I wanted to say didn’t make it, especially the whole accounting thing with my family. I mentioned it a little bit but didn’t go into depth. It felt really nice to say that I wrote what I had to write on these pages and close the book. I feel as if I was finished suffering from these situations. It was a big weight off my shoulders. It was a relief and I felt that I could breathe again. Hopefully, this book can help someone.

Unstoppable has 20 chapters that navigate through the ups and downs of your personal and professional life. Can you share one chapter that was either challenging or emotional to write and why?

There was so much in the book to talk about. But if I’m going to be honest, the most difficult part was my past relationship, where I got married and attempted to get divorced. I’m not divorced yet. I think it was very hard to write about how we met and the truth behind certain things that now I look back and say “omg, how come I didn’t see that?” It was difficult but it helped me a lot. We had nice moments together. There were good moments but stuff just happened that I can’t deny. If not, we’d still be together.

I love that every chapter has a reflection at the end. Which one do you feel is the most memorable?

It’s all been a part of my life, so it was so important for me to add it to this book. My favorite one is one that said, “not to give up and keep your eye focused on the light at the end of the tunnel.” If you keep focused, you won’t even realize how you got to the other side. For me, that’s something that I have to apply every single day. There are days that I have great days and there are days that I don’t. It’s helped me in my life to say this too shall pass, I’m going to breathe, this is just a moment, because if not, how will I be here and do what I love doing?

What do you hope readers will take away after reading Unstoppable?

I dedicated this book to the reader and I just want them to find the strength within themselves. Life is a roller coaster of emotions. Not everything is going to be smooth sailing and once we accept that and embrace the pain. I want them to just know that if I went through everything that I went through and here I am accomplishing my dreams, I know that they can too and maybe more. I want to be living proof that it’s all possible!

With this book, new music out, a podcast, and a TV show, clearly you are unstoppable, but what else can you preview for 2022?

In April, I’m hoping and praying that my fourth album will be ready called Abeja Reina. I have about four more songs to record. I’m changing my entire setlist for my concerts and want to do a reset for my live performances. That’s my main focus right now. And, I haven’t said this to anyone but I’m working on another book. It’s nothing like this, it’s a different concept.

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