Rochy RD x Nicki Nicole x Myke Towers «Ella No Es Tuya Remix»

Rochy RD x Nicki Nicole x Myke Towers "Ella No Es Tuya Remix"

The original track has already earned more than 40 million worldwide streams

The fast-rising Dominican urban artist Rochy RD leads an all-star trio on “Ella No Es Tuya Remix” (She Is Not Yours), accompanied by two 2020 Latin GRAMMY® nominees – the Argentine rapper and singer Nicki Nicole as well as the Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers. This single is available now via Sony Music Latin in a collaboration with Vulcano Music from all digital-music outlets, and the music video can be enjoyed on Rochy RD’s YouTube channel.

Released in July 2020, the original version of “Ella No Es Tuya” quickly became a huge hit in the Dominican Republic, surpassing over 38 million views on YouTube and featuring one of the catchiest choruses of the year: “Ella no es tuya, te vendió sueño, dice que no tiene dueño, cuando está contigo eso es lo más bello, lo mismo que hace con ellos” (She isn’t yours, she sold you a dream. She says she belongs to no one. When she’s with you everything is beautiful, she does the same thing with others.)

The outstanding performances on the remix, which is co-written by all three artists and produced by Nata Record and Nicael, will give it a huge international boost, while introducing Rochy RD’s vocal talent and charisma to vast audiences.

Myke Towers’ rapping adds street flow, while Nicki Nicole contributes a new perspective as the woman who defends her independence and refuses to let anyone control who she spends time with. The song builds to an impressive peak with the artists singing the chorus in an unusual, distinctive harmony.

The original version has generated 3.1 million streams on Spotify and over 15,100 TikTok videos, as its fresh beats and “wise up” message have resonated with the TikTok generation.

Directed by Creador and Manuel DH, the video of “Ella No Es Tuya Remix” features scenes of Rochy RD and Myke Towers riding through the streets of the Dominican Republic, and playing video games with the Romania-born, Dominican-based model Alexandra Hatcu.

Nicki Nicole’s scenes were filmed separately in Argentina under de direction of her visual ally, Jess “La Polaca” Praznik. Despite the distance, all three performers share the spark of youthful creativity and fashion-forward street style.

Enjoy “Ella No Es Tuya Remix” and discover why talents as impressive as Nicki Nicole and Myke Towers have joined Rochy RD on this exciting track.

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