Ingrid Contreras’ dream coming true with the Release of her New Album «EN VIVO VOL. 2»

Ingrid Contreras' dream coming true with the Release of her New Album "EN VIVO VOL. 2"

The live album will feature 15 classic tracks, previously recorded by Latin music’s biggest artists, including Jenni Rivera, Sin Bandera and Camilo Sesto, among others

Quickly becoming a powerful voice for women, and with a unique musical style that combines mariachi-pop and pop-ballad, Regional Mexican’s hottest newcomer, Ingrid Contreras, travels back in time for the release of her new album “En Vivo Vol. 2”. Released under the label Show Business, “En Vivo Vol. 2,” is now available on all digital music platforms.

In comparison to her previously released album, “En Vivo: Vol. 1,” Contreras took the helm at developing the concept for this album, from location, song selection to wardrobe, and picked a perfect combination of tracks that would bring out the true essence of this project. “I’ve sung most of these songs since I was four. These tracks represent a reflection of myself and fulfill my heart in ways I cannot describe,” expressed Contreras. “The artists that previously recorded these songs have my respect and admiration for the legacy they’ve left. I’m grateful for the opportunity to create my own versions in honor of their legacy,” she added.

Produced and directed by Francisco Javier Olivas Cota, the new live album showcases a variety of genres and musical styles, including pop, ballad, cumbia and mariachi. “En Vivo Vol. 2” includes 15 tracks, previously recorded by some of Latin music’s biggest stars, including Jenni Rivera, Sin Bandera and Camilo Sesto, among others. Contreras’ version of the beloved Latin classics, she created beautiful renditions of “Te Vi Venir” (Sin Bandera), “A Puro Dolor” (Son By Four), “Usted Se Me Llevó La Vida” (Alexandre Pires) and “Resulta” (Jenni Rivera), among others.

Created and recorded during the pandemic last year, this album represents an important achievement for the rising young artist who has her sight on connecting with audiences through her music around the world.

About the experience of honoring Jenni Rivera with her version of “Resulta”, Ingrid expressed, “Without a doubt, ‘Resulta’ is my favorite song from the album. Everytime I heard the song, it would override me with emotion. I’d cry and sing it at the top of my lungs every time. I dreamt of one day being able to sing it to a live audience, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so soon.” The album will surely touch the hearts of audiences, and the norteña artist expressed, “I’m sure this album will touch the hearts and emotions of many. We’ll sing, we’ll laugh, we’ll dance and we’ll cry together,” she concluded.  The album’s live video versions will be available via her official YouTube channel.

Ingrid Contreras made her mark in the music industry with her single “Fue Lo Mejor”, a single that brought to light the issues of psychological abuse and gender violence. Ingrid became an inspiring voice for women who’ve experienced the effects of both, and would later join forces with one of the most iconic voices in Puerto Rico, Melina León, who has always stood out for women empowerment through her lyrics. Together they’d create a powerful and new version of “Fue Lo Mejor.” 

Additionally, this past November, Ingrid Contreras’ single “A Quién Quiero Engañar” debuted on Televisa’s soap opera “Quererlo Todo”.

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