Gloria Trevi and Mon Laferte join forces on the Women Empowerment anthem «La Mujer»

Gloria Trevi and Mon Laferte join forces on the Women Empowerment anthem "La Mujer"

The Chilean singer-songwriter and the artist from Monterrey, Mexico, join their voices in this song that premieres today at 7:00 p.m. simultaneously with the video.

Mon Laferte premieres today «La Mujer,» a new feminine anthem. In this song, she joins a thriving Mexican artist who has a strong character and has served as an example of strength for the female gender: Gloria Trevi.

«It’s a song that I played before, but only hardcore fans remember it. During the pandemic, I took it up again, and that’s when I thought of Gloria. She is a woman I admire very much; I admire the work that she has done and has inspired me. She was one of the first female songwriters with a lot of personality to break out of the stereotype scheme. Gloria is almost to blame for my personality as an artist: being safe, being free, I learned that from her,» shared Mon Laferte.

In the single and the accompanying video, Laferte speaks to those women who take on the challenge of building and rebuilding themselves whenever necessary. She talks to «the woman» who falls in love, who supports, who loves, forgives, suffers, but who, after much trying she gets tired, respects herself, and decides to exercise her right to well-being and also raises her voice.

«I loved the song since I heard it, both the first notes of its arrangement and the guts of its lyrics. Doing this collaboration with Mon Laferte gives it a perfect meaning… pain, resurrection, and revenge, but the good kind, that is, ours», said Gloria Trevi.

In the video directed by Rodrigo Robles, we can see some critical messages made with a sense of humor. Mon Laferte and Gloria Trevi‘s sisterhood reveals some clichés that society has imposed as a definition of the feminine for centuries.

«The video has a great sense of humor and irony. We have the astronaut conquering the space that does not belong to him. I think it is our time; it is a world revolution that has to do with raising our voices and being treated in the same way and giving us the space we should always have. It is to be us, not what society expects us to be,» said the Chilean singer, who also claimed to have enjoyed the recording of the audiovisual with Gloria Trevi very much.

«We had a great time dancing together; she (Gloria Trevi) is incredible; I love her very much. She seems to be a super-strong woman, and she deserves more talk about her today because she has gone through challenging things in her life. She has also been punished by this macho society. And I love having this collaboration, I love her, admire her and respect her, and working with her has been incredible», she concluded.

«La Mujer» is part of «Seis,» the new album by Mon Laferte and released on April 8th.

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