The Eternal “Diva De La Banda” Jenni Rivera Lives On Through New Album «Misión Cumplida»

Not only honoring but extending the legacy of the eternal “Banda Diva” now, the Rivera Estate proudly presents Jenni Rivera’s much-anticipated new posthumous album, Misión Cumplida, out today.

The record consists of eight previously unreleased tracks featuring the late icon’s instantly recognizable vocals as powerful as ever.

About Misión Cumplida, Jenni’s daughter and Jenni Rivera Enterprises CEO Jacqie Rivera commented, “Jenni often said she was just a regular woman trying to provide for her children. Whether it was through real estate or working as a waitress, she was going to make it, but it was God who placed her in this position and for a purpose. Her music opened the door, but it was her story that won the hearts of her fans. This album is a representation of her whole life story and the fact that she completed what she came here to do. She left a mark and a legacy of inspiration.”

The album notably features production by La Banda MS founder and leader Sergio Lizarraga and band member Pavel Ocampo. Jenni’s son Johnny Lopez also notably handled the creative direction. Among many highlights, “Pedacito De Mi” takes flight on a soulful and spirited vocal written by Jenni for Johnny during her pregnancy with him. Digging through the vaults, she left behind a reference track for what would become “Pedacito De Mi,” and her children put the finishing touches in it.

It represented a full circle moment as they honored their mother in the best way possible—with music.

“It feels truly special that my mom started this for me and we are completing it for her with the help of my siblings,” Johnny added. “It feels like a two way gift: Her to me, and us to her.”

From left to right: Mikey, Jenicka, Jacquie, Chiquis and Johnny

Simultaneously with the album release, the premiere of a cinematic music video to accompany “Pedacito De Mi” is now available on YouTube.

Additionally, the record boasts “Q.T.M.L.” It perfectly encapsulates Jenni’s larger-than-life persona with mesmerizing vocals and a spirited performance. Elsewhere, “Motivos” illuminates her vulnerability with its emotionally charged delivery.

Chiquis noted, “Misión Cumplida means so much to us for so many reasons. It has been an honor to help our mother, who sacrificed so much for us. We finally got to finish this project that her fans have been waiting so patiently for. It was definitely a healing process for us, her children, because we felt her so close to us during this production. It’s like she was still here teaching us, guiding us, and helping us grow. This project is something we are extremely proud of, and we are so excited to finally deliver it to her loving fans.”

The Rivera Estate paved the way for Misión Cumplida with the title track. Right out of the gate, it tallied north of 3.1 million Spotify streams and 2.5 million YouTube views. Earning critical acclaim, Rolling Stone proclaimed, “Jenni Rivera’s banda legacy lives on with Misión Cumplida,” and Variety spoke to the family at length about the music. In addition to further coverage from Billboard, REMEZCLA, and more.

There is no doubt that her music has remained present in the hearts of her fans, however, “she has much more to offer them and her fans deserve so much more’, expressed Jenni’s daughter and Jenni Rivera Enterprises CEO Jacquie Rivera.

Jenni’s voice rings out as loudly as ever on Misión Cumplida. Celebrate her legacy now!

“Misión Cumplida” Track List:

1. Intro
2. Q.T.M.L. (El Corrido de la Diva)
3. Engañémoslo
4. El Que Hoy Está en Tu Lugar
5. Hablando Claro
6. Que Me Entierren Cantando
7. Motivos
8. Aparentemente Bien
9. Pedacito de Mí (Interlude)
10. Legado (Reflection)
11. Pedacito de Mí
12. Misión Cumplida
13. Quisieran Tener Mi Lugar (Single version)
14. Engañémoslo (Mariachi Version- Single version)
15. Motivos (Single version)
16. Aparentemente Bien (Single version)

The Rivera Estate has launched a new merch collection to accompany the release. It features a Sherpa blanket with the album art, a custom pullover sweater with sleeves displaying the album art, and a special “Pedacito De Mi” T-shirt with an image of Jenni and her daughters Jacquie and Chiquis. Fans may purchase these items at or at the Brea Mall (1045 Brea Mall Drive, Brea, CA 92821).

Aside from releasing music projects, Jenni Rivera Enterprises has become an institution that will continue to celebrate Jenni Rivera’s legacy through multiple verticals. They will also continue Jenni’s nonprofit efforts through the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation, which supports women and children who have suffered domestic violence and abuse, thus improving their quality of life.

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