Maksim Leonov portada en AV Magazine

Maksim Leonov portada en AV Magazine

Today, on AV Magazine, we featured ballroom dancer and entrepreneur Maksim Leonov on the cover, to show how you don’t need to limit yourself in your profession and passion to achieve great success.

Maksim Leonov cover AV Magazine
Maksim Leonov cover AV Magazine

Maksim Leonov is an inspiration for young artists and entrepreneurs.

In this challenging times for the arts and entertainment industry we need innovative solutions.

Choreographer and art critic Maksim Leonov beyond his professional dance career organized a business where he combines dance lessons with costume design as well as make up, hairstyling and photography.

As Maksim says “sometimes when everything gets frozen, it gives an opportunity for innovative ideas and formation of new businesses. “

“I have a clear vision how to reach my goals using all my skills accumulated during 25 years in the industry of ballroom dancing as it includes fashion, music, costume design, styling, video production and photography. I successfully offer these services not only via my company MaksMODAnce but also in collaboration with other entrepreneurs. I believe mutual support of artists is very important especially in difficult times. Through my company, I also organized a talent agency where young and talented people can find creative work and realize themselves in fashion industry.”

In addition to his education in choreography, Maksim also has Masters Degree in Art History. He is creative director of MaksMODAnce, co-owner of Velvet Dress Design and CEO of Mart Talent Agency.

He is not going to stop and plans to expand his business combining his talent, uniting and supporting talented people, by creating new projects such as choreography, fashion publications, professional dance competitions, and advertisement campaigns.

Maksim believes that to achieve your goals one requires creative solutions and Maksim proved it on practice.

The more than two decades of Maksim Leonov’s professional career in ballroom dancing made him realized that there is more for him than dancing itself.

“You can call me crazy, control freak or visionary, but why do I have to choose if I can have it all, even though managing all of my passions is my biggest challenge” mentions Maksim.

Maksim performed for more than 20 years on the dance stage winning a number of awards. He is considered one of the top ballroom dancers in the world. One of the reason of his success was his vision of all the aspects and elements involved in creating the perfect performance. That is why his company is having great success.

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