“SER O PARECER” the global virtual reunion becomes one of the most successful live streams worldwide

“SER O PARECER” the global virtual reunion becomes one of the most successful live streams worldwide

More Than 1.5 Million Viewers Tuned In During the First 12 Hours Post Premiere, Once Again Positioning RBD as a History-making Global Music Phenomenon

Unmatched is how RBD’s successful comeback could be categorized. After a 12-year absence, more than 1.5 million viewers tuned-in for the group’s first ever virtual performance “Ser o Parecer” in the first 12 hours of its premiere, making it one of the most successful streaming concerts in the world.

During the long-awaited reunion, Anahí, Maite, Christopher and Christian took viewers on a nostalgic journey for almost an hour and a half. Featuring new musical arrangements, they relieved some of its most famous choreographies while performing its greatest hits, all that made RBD one of the most popular groups in music. Saturday, December 26 will go down in history as a magical night full of the most perfect playlist for the ‘Rebelde’ generation.

To mark its return, RBD kicked off its virtual reunion with “Ser o Parecer,” alongside 22 musicians on stage; its original band plus 10 strings that perfectly accompanied the group’s vocals and making fans vibrate all around the globe.

Anahí, who made her triumphant return to the stage, was the first to voice the group’s words of encouragement and gratitude to the fans who waited for RBD for more than a decade. She left everyone breathless as she performed her iconic song “Sálvame,” considered by many as their personal theme song of triumph.

Christopher was in charge of paying a tribute to his bandmates: Dulce and Poncho, with the song “No Pares,” reconfirming they will be RBD members and friends for life.

Christian interpreted a special version of the song that most people recognize him for, “Tu Amor,” in a English and Spanish, accompanied by a profound message of acceptance, love and gender equality, while Maite was delivered a message of faith and hope as a preamble to the group’s classic “Empezar desde Cero.”

One of the most special moments of the night came when for the first time Anahí, Christian, Maite and Christopher performed RBD’s most recent single “Siempre He Estado Aquí” featuring videos of more than 600 winners of the TikTok challenge appearing on the screen. The touching moment brought to mind the millions of fans who always chanted the group’s lyrics and shouted their names at all the concerts around the world; now thanks to TikTok, an intimate moment could be achieved with these unconditional fans who made #SiempreHeEstadoAqui a trending topic since the song’s debut.

Dressed in red and as a reference to the iconic uniform worn by the characters in the television series, but in a modern version, the members of RBD closed the virtual concert with the classic “Rebelde,” the perfect way to end a nostalgic night full of light, love and memories that recognizes a whole generation of fans that made music history!

Photo Credit: Sergio Valenzuela

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