Sará will have the music industry buzzing as Latin Pop’s New «Chica Bom Bom»

Sará will have the music industry buzzing as Latin Pop's New "Chica Bom Bom"

Latin artist on the rise SARÁ is set to release her debut album in 2021

Latin artist on the rise Sará kicks-off 2021 with a fresh new sound and a mission to conquer the world. With a catchy, Caribbean melody paired with a retro-Miami influenced video vibe, the new single “Chica Bom Bom” delivers a message of empowerment for women around the world. The song distributed by The Orchard, are available today on all digital music platforms.

“This track is meant to empower women and make them feel comfortable in their own skin, because we are beautiful. I want to inspire them to leave their worries behind and show off their self-confidence. This song is made to inspire them to seek genuine love and, equally important, self-love,” expressed Sará. The single is a joyful song that delivers a positive message of security and self-respect which also inspires the younger generation to keep dreaming.

The music video was filmed in Miami, FL and was directed by renown Venezuelan director Nuno Gomes (Ozuna, Natti Natasha). Characteristic of Gomes’ previous works, the video is filled with vibrant neon tones, colorful scenography and shows “girl-power” through energetic and choreographed sequences in the music video.

Sará made her mark in music last November with the release of her debut single “Bésame”. The song and video delivered a beautiful message of acceptance, tolerance and inclusivity, making it clear that love is love. At just 20 years old, Sará wants to empower young girls to believe in themselves and aspire to follow their dreams. In addition to recording new music, she’s currently studying music production and business at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in New York City. Sará is set to release her debut album in 2020, which will include both “Bésame” and “Chica Bom Bom”.

«Chica Bom Bom» official music video will be release Friday January 22 on Sará’s official YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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