Sará Returns Empowered with her New Video & Single «Candela»

Sará Returns Empowered with her New Video & Single "Candela"

Latin artist on the rise SARÁ is set to release her debut album in 2021

Venezuelan-American singer Sará wants all women to feel confident in themselves. And, for this, the singer has released «Candela», her second single of 2021 which is now available on all digital music platforms, while the video can now be watched on Sará‘s official YouTube channel.

Co-written by the singer herself “Candela” is Sará’s first reggaeton track which empowers whoever listens to the song with lyrics that are energetic and with positive vibes. “Siente ese fuego por dentro – toda su energía esa noche – y hacer mucha música, Se siente “CANDELA”, cuando entra al estudio se siente en «candela” (feel that fire inside – all your energy that night – and make a lot of music- feel it «CANDELA» – when entering the studio feel it «candela»).

“There is no need to be with a boyfriend or with your friends. Sometimes, you can enjoy life by yourself and the feeling is amazing. Candela was born during a time when I felt physically weak and when I was at the studio, everything improved, I healed myself. The song pulled me out of a hole,” says Sará.

The song premiered along with its music video, directed by Nuno Gomes & Compostela Films. The clip shows fun scenery at a New York club where Sará dances all night between dancers.

This 2021, Sará arrives with an innovative sound in which the evolution of her artistic career will be felt. Her goal for this year is not only to show that she can explore different genres but that she can also do it in English and Spanish.

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