Rising Venezuelan star, Manu Manzo, releases her new single «SacaLaCamara»

Rising Venezuelan star, Manu Manzo, releases her new single "SacaLaCamara"

In “SACALACAMARA” Manu Manzo explores her Lebanese influences

Latin Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Manu Manzo, is bringing the heat in her latest single “SACALACAMARA”. The Venezuelan Miami-based star fuses pop, urban sounds and merges her Lebanese influences in her newest song that is all about love and lust. The single is available on all digital platforms.

Set to kick-off a new phase in her career Manu Manzo’s “SACALACAMARA” shows the world the reason she got nominated for a Latin Grammy. Written as a musical love letter to a special someone, the romantic track, produced by Mike Merahki, speaks on finding that one person that makes you crave and yearn for them. It describes that inexplicable strong feeling you get when you see them. As Manu Manzo expressed “the track describes the unique feeling and emotion towards that special person and how we want the entire world to know about the relationship”, said the artist. The music video was directed by Kevin Arrieta/VACO Studio and filmed in Miami. The video is a showcase of some of the intimate moments couples share. From the sexy, to the day to day- with fashion looks in every scene. Stay tuned for the music video release set to release September 24th.

“For me, this is an important single, it is the beginning of a new phase in my career. Everyone will enjoy experimental sounds including Lebanese influence in melodies, which is part of my culture and background. I’m more than ready to release all the music I have, it includes vibes for all types of tastes. I want to continue exploring new sounds, reconnect with my voice” explained Manu Manzo

After a halt in her career of a year and half, Manzo makes her come back to the music industry and is ready to conquer new audiences with her art and is currently working on her album debut set to release mid 2022.

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