Natti Natasha debuts No. 1 on iTunes Latin in the U.S. with «Nasty Singles»

Natti Natasha debuts No. 1 on iTunes Latin in the U.S. with "Nasty Singles"

Includes the Female Empowerment Anthem “Ya No Te Extraño”

Chart-topping reggaeton artist Natti Natasha debuts No. 1 on iTunes Latin in the U.S. with “Nasty Singles». The global singer-songwriter surprised fans yesterday with the release of «Nasty Singles», a collection of sixteen tracks, including previously released singles by Natti in the past year, and six new tracks.

«I decided to release songs little by little because, nowadays, the amount of music that comes out means that many songs go unnoticed and even more so an album, which most of the time has only 4 to 5 songs standout. I wanted to offer something refreshing and at the same time familiar to the consumer’s ear. Now the puzzle is assembled, from the first to the last song. I hope audiences enjoy the new music and relive with me the songs that they’ve helped turn into hits,” expressed Natti Natasha about the process of releasing this album. “I love this album because I show myself in my different facets, and it’s an album that represents everything that can happen to a woman,” concluded the Dominican singer-songwriter and entrepreneur.

The album is characterized by its wide-range of sounds and genres, including Reggaeton, Cumbia, Bachata, R&B, Dembow and Afrobeat. Each song tells a story and represents feelings inspired by moments that mark a woman’s life.

Featuring pure Reggaeton, “Mayor Que Usted” is an anthem that represents Puerto Rico and the last collaboration between Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel, and “Wow BB” celebrates Dominican pride and unity with El Alfa and Chimbala. Meanwhile, the new track “Kokorota” is an empowering anthem that celebrates female strength and resilience. The latter was produced by Bryant Myers, Montana The Producer, Buho and Gaby Music.

Maintaining to her Reggeaton roots, the new track “Tu Perrota”, as well as the previously released “Algarete”, “No Pare”, “Lokita”, “En Bajita” and “To’ Esto Es Tuyo” celebrate the liberated woman, one who finds her inner strength and projects security with a newfound direction.

As part of her new repertoire, focus track “Ya No Te Extraño”, “Ándale” and “Otro Caption” are dedicated to women who have the courage to close a chapter, and conviction to never look back, and celebrate their independence. For those whose loved ones aren’t present at the time, Natti pays tribute with the heart-wrenching and personal tracks “Tu Tattoo” and the radio hit “La Falta Que Me Haces”.

Nasty Singles is a proof of Natti Natasha’s undeniable talent and showcases her evolution as an artist. With its diverse range of tracks and deeply personal lyrics, this album is set to solidify Natti Natasha’s position as one of the leading voices in reggaeton.


1. Kokorota
2. Ya No te Extraño (Versión Reggaeton)
3. Tu Perrota
4. Mayor que Usted (Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel)
5. No Pare Remix (Tokischa)
6. Otro Caption
7. Andale
8. En Bajita (Justin Quiles, Omar Courtz)
9. Ya no te extraño (Versión Cumbia)
10. Wow BB (El Alfa, Chimbala)
11. Tu Tattoo
12. Lokita (Maria Becerra)
13. Algarete
14. No Pare
15. To’ Esto Es Tuyo
16. La Falta Que Me Haces(Versión Bachata)

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