Manu Manzo Releases Highly Anticipated New Single «KYOTO»

Manu Manzo Releases Highly Anticipated New Single "KYOTO"

Manzo Shares Personal Story Behind the Song

Singer-Songwriter Manu Manzo, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single, «KYOTO,» available on all major online platforms today. The infectious song was inspired by a brief and intense argument Manu had with her boyfriend in a Tokyo hotel lobby during a trip, fueled by jet lag and hunger.

Manu, known for her vibrant and dramatic style, poured her emotions into her journal and penned the evocative line, «sentada en un lobby de Tokyo… sin ti» which translates to «sitting in a lobby in Tokyo… without you.» Intrigued by this sentiment, the talented artist decided to transform her experience into a captivating song about embarking on a solo journey originally planned with a significant other.

Collaborating with her dear friend and previous collaborator, LUCH, who joined forces with Manu on the hit track «Q Si Q No» from her album «Luna en Geminis,» the duo knew they had something special in the making. To elevate the song’s appeal, they enlisted the expertise of renowned songwriter Juan Vega, known for his ability to craft impactful lyrics that resonate with audiences.

«KYOTO» effortlessly blends the infectious rhythm of electronic funk with Manu’s signature style, adding another milestone to her already impressive arsenal of hits. The single is set to captivate fans with its relatable lyrics and catchy beats, showcasing Manu’s versatility as an artist.

When asked about the single’s release, Manu Manzo expressed her excitement, stating, «KYOTO is a song that holds a special place in my heart. It’s about the complexities of relationships and the courage to embrace new paths, even when they veer from what we initially planned. I hope it resonates with my fans and inspires them to find their strength within.»

«KYOTO» is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms, allowing fans of Manu Manzo to experience the magic for themselves.

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