Multiplatinum-Selling Singer/Songwriter Ally Brooke Launches Partnership and Jewelry Collection with Love Grenades

Multiplatinum-Selling Singer/Songwriter Ally Brooke Launches Partnership and Jewelry Collection with Love Grenades

Ally Brooke Promotes a Message of Love and Positivity Through Signature ‘Let Your Light Shine’ Collection

Love Grenades, a jewelry company dedicated to promoting positivity in our daily lives, today announced that multiplatinum-selling singer/songwriter Ally Brooke will be the new face of the brand. As a part of this collaboration, Brooke will also be launching a signature jewelry collectionLet Your Light Shine, featuring timeless pieces that deliver a message of love, light and positivity to all. Brooke joins Love Grenades as a designer, partner, and most importantly, a spokesperson for the positivity-filled brand.

Love Grenades was founded by fine jewelry designer Annmarie D’Ercole after she lost her father, and noticed that while people were supportive and kind, they didn’t always know what to say. To help provide others a way to give back to their friends and loved ones, she partnered with her husband Cory Brzezinski to create the jewelry brand steeped in the universal language of love. Known for their high-quality and affordable styles, Love Grenades jewelry uses a sterling silver base with 14k white, yellow and rose gold plating, as well as semi-precious stones. Love Grenades’ versatile designs range from their braided leather bracelets to their angel wing necklace, offering options for both men and women that are perfect for any occasion – or none at all.

«Ally Brooke perfectly embodies the ethos of Love Grenades, spreading a message of light and love to her millions of fans around the world,» said D’Ercole, Love Grenades designer and co-founder. «We are so grateful to Ally for her partnership and are excited to see how her vision takes shape through her signature collection.»

The centerpiece of Brooke‘s collection is her signature Let Your Light Shine necklace, which was co-designed by Brooke and D’Ercole with the intention of spreading light, love and positivity in the lives of those who wear it. The necklace is comprised of a solid 925 sterling silver base and comes in three color plating options, including 14kt yellow gold, blackened, or rhodium plated. In advance of the holiday season, Brooke will release additional pieces in her collection including the Love. Faith. Hope Braided bracelet and the Shine necklace.

«I am so honored to serve as the face of Love Grenades, a brand which truly embodies the type of love and positivity that I aim to exude every day,» said Brooke. «As a child, I remember my parents telling me to let my light shine, so it’s really amazing to be launching the Let Your Light Shine collection to give others a way to physically carry that concept of light and well-being by wearing one of my signature pieces.»

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