Reggaeton Pioneers, Ángel y Khriz, Join Forces with EIX To Reminisce The Old Times In New Single “Cómo Olvidar Remix”

Ángel y Khriz, Join Forces with EIX To Reminisce The Old Times In New Single “Cómo Olvidar Remix”

Known worldwide for their smash hit “Ven báilalo”, the reggaeton pioneers, Ángel y Khriz joined forces with EIX for new single “Cómo Olvidar Remix”.

This historical collaboration, which marks the grand return of the puertorican duo will release their single TODAY under the label Duars Entertainment. Along with the single, the music video is also available on Duars Entertainment YouTube channel. Listen to “Como Olvidar Remix” on all streaming platforms.

The original version of “Cómo Olvidar”, produced by Jay Music is part of EIX’s debut album “Yo Soy Eix”. On the remix version, the new and old generation of reggaeton will join forces to create music that will transcend all barriers. The remix is a twist to the original version by EIX, who is now making his mark in the music industry. “Cómo Olvidar Remix” is dedicated to women who reminisce about the old times with their significant other. The single was composed by Angel, Khriz, EIX, Eric Pérez, Mario Rivera, Jacob Reynoso and Frank Mora.

The music video was released TODAY along with the single and it is available on EIX’s official YouTube channel. The video was filmed in Caguas, Puerto Rico and was directed by Adalberto Martínez for Atmosphera Films. The video shows all the artists in a party including EIX who reunites with the woman he’s always desired. After exchanging glances across the room, they both get together and relive old memories.

At 23-years-old, the artist on the rise has all the tools to be a groundbreaking success in latin music. In April, he released his debut album “Yo Soy Eix” which features 12 versatile tracks of reggaeton, balada, R&B, and dancehall rhythm. One of the songs that are featured in the album is the global viral hit “Infiel”, which has over 19.7 million views on YouTube and 10 million streams on Spotify. The song was a success in Dominican Republic, Spain, Peru, Mexico, Chile among others.

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