Most Anticipated sequel Lito MC Cassidy and Daddy Yankee release «El Gran Robo 2»

Most Anticipated sequel Lito MC Cassidy and Daddy Yankee release "El Gran Robo 2"

“Lito MC Cassidy, an Afro-Puerto Rican rapper who rose to fame as one half of the ’90s duo Lito y Polaco.” – The Washington Post

With a career that spans two generations, Lito MC Cassidy is recognized as a master Lyricist

Meeting the demand of fans worldwide and marking a full circle moment, Spanish Rap/Hip-Hop legend and pioneer Lito MC Cassidy unveils Latin music’s most-anticipated sequel “El Gran Robo 2” featuring global superstar, music entrepreneur and Reggaeton icon Daddy Yankee today!

An event 19 years in the making, it picks up where these two superstars left off on “El Gran Robo” back in 2002. The original set the pace for the fusion of reggaetón and Spanish hip-hop at the turn of the century, kickstarting the movement both artists remain synonymous with. “El Gran Robo” saw them assume the roles of two criminals ready to rob a bank. A cinematic narrative unfolded over production by DJ Dicky. To this day, it can be heard on radio worldwide.

‘Part 2’ represents that hip-hop/rap music is not dead, exclaims Lito. “The fans appreciate lyrics that are carefully constructed and the combination of two legendary artists. After almost two decades, we’re back together for part two. We’ve accomplished this to satisfy requests from the audience and culture for so many years. This is a storytelling at its finest. This track means that when you love to do something you only get better by time. You master the project.”

The story continues now. This time around, iconic American producer Jazze Pha [OutKast, Snoop Dogg, E-40] cooks up a big screen-worthy beat as Lito MC Cassidy and Daddy Yankee rekindle their bulletproof chemistry with explosive results and a knockout hook. Stay tuned for the premiere of an unforgettable music video set to debut soon.

About the reunion, he added, “Yankee brings what a lot of people were expecting from him. Since he has great rapping skills, he lets the fans know that rap is very important for the culture. It motivates the new generation to keep the high-level rise and supporting the culture.

Recently, Lito scored his very first nomination at the Latin GRAMMY® Awards for “La Vendedora de Placer” in the category of “Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song.It has accumulated over 3 million cumulative streams so far.

Everything paves the way for his anxiously awaited new album La Jaula De Los Vivos. In addition to Daddy Yankee, it includes guest appearances from Farruko, El Máyor Clasico, and more.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: “El Gran Robo 2” is here

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