Leading Latin marketing and public relations agency, Nevarez Communications, presents new podcast series

Leading Latin marketing and public relations agency, Nevarez Communications, presents new podcast series

New challenges in the music industry constantly arise, music evolves, and there is always something new to discuss, comment or just break the silence on.

In this new stage the music industry is undergoing, podcasts have become a fundamental tool to understand what is actually happening within the music industry. Today, one of the leading Marketing and Public Relations agencies Nevarez Communications, presents its podcast series “Sangría Mix”, which will be available through the Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, among others platforms.

Produced by La Coctelera Music, which is owned by renowned journalists Alex García Amat and Nuria Net, this Podcast Series will feature the participation of various A-list artists and key industry experts within the entertainment field. It will be moderated by the CEO and Founder of Nevarez Communications, Mayna Nevarez, and the Senior Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Michelle Velez.

“I feel like there is a need to address certain issues that have gone unnoticed but are undoubtedly extremely important within the music industry. The public only sees an outside perspective, they haven’t been exposed to the whole process and what goes behind the perspective they see. With ‘Sangria Mix’ we seek to share our knowledge with the new generation and highlight new talents and trends that have evolved within industry. We hope that our listeners will benefit from the valuable information they will have access to with each episode,”expressed the CEO and Founder of Nevarez Communications, Mayna Nevarez, who has over 20 years of experience in the Latin music industry, as Public Relations Officer for global superstars such as Daddy Yankee, and Carlos Vives, among others.

Nuria Net, co-founder of the boutique podcast producer La Coctelera Music expressed: “We are proud to have the opportunity to work with a music industry leader such as Mayna Nevarez in a production that seeks to highlight Latin music talents and trends to new audiences. Developing the Sangria Mix podcast series with the Nevarez Communications team, from developing a concept to creating an original theme song and sound design, has been a pleasure and helped us fulfill part of our mission to create content that enhances Latino culture.»

Each episode will cover different topics such as the importance of creating impactful content for media, new trends in this era, and artist development, among other topics. Listen to the first episode of Sangría Mix HERE.

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