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Meet Joanna Borov -an international fashion model who supports women’s empowerment.

Joanna Borov is a Polish model based in the USA. Before moving to the USA, she lived in London, where she studied at the University of the Arts London and started her modeling career. Joanna appeared numerous times during her modeling journey in Vogue, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Grazia, and many other prestigious publications.

Joanna Borov cover AV Magazine
Joanna Borov cover AV Magazine

She walked in London Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week and worked with many prestigious designers. Recently we had a chance to admire her on the cover of L’Officiel Cyprus, where she posed in beautiful gowns designed by Anna Gupta and jewelry from worldwide known Charlie Lapson.

Besides modeling, Joanna supports many charities and writes fashion articles. Her favorite subjects are ethical fashion, sustainable solutions, and what brands can do to minimize the negative environmental impact. The model founded a sustainable brand herself- she produces organic baby clothes and toys. Recently her focus also lies in women’s empowerment. She says that women should be more supportive of each other in the current world.

The model recently launched a website for other fashion models who struggle with health problems. Joanna opened up about her struggle with endometriosis and confessed that working in such a challenging industry with a health condition is complex. She also explained that, according to her knowledge, many models struggle with mental and physical problems.

Borov was invited to speak as an honorable speaker at Fashion Fest in London, which will take place at British Parliament in October. The model will talk about women’s empowerment, which according to her, is crucial for a healthy society and thriving economy. She said that education is the most critical factor- as there are countries where girls still have no access to school, and there are still subjects in the modern and highly developed society that need to be discussed.

After winning several beauty pageants earlier in her career, Joanna also judged a few beauty pageants in different countries. She claims that beauty pageants can be empowering as they are not just about the look.

«For me as a judge, the most important is personality- what values does this girl represent, is she interested in education and current world affairs, does she use her influence to bring a positive change to the world? My votes usually go to the girls with much more to offer than just looking pretty. I admire young women who devote their time to charities and extracurricular activities. That’s what makes them beautiful, in my opinion.»

The first time she was a judge in a beauty pageant happened in Argentina. Joanna Bolov spent a month there, helping with preparations and participating in different campaigns for local brands. She feels very connected to Spanish-speaking people. After appearing a few times on Telemundo, the most prominent Latino tv station n the USA, Joanna started learning Spanish to communicate with her Spanish-speaking fans. Recently, she judged Miss Swimsuit USA.

Joanna is planning to attend fashion weeks this year and perform in some campaigns for different brands in Italy and Germany this autumn. One of her biggest dreams is to rescue a lot of animals. She currently has a dog that she adopted during the pandemic.

INSTAGRAM: @joannaborov
INSTAGRAM: @belva_chan
RETOUCHER: Yana Kazarovets
INSTAGRAM: @retouchingboom
VIDEOGRAPHER: Davis Jeongotti
INSTAGRAM: @davisjeongotti
HAIR & MAKEUP: Reyna Khalil
INSTAGRAM: @reynakhalil
DESIGNER: Alexis Monsanto
INSTAGRAM: @alexismonsanto
INSTAGRAM: @annaguptaofficial
JEWERLY: Charlie Lapson
INSTAGRAM: @charlielapson
LOCATION: PinkTree Studios
INSTAGRAM: @pinktreestudiosla
INSTAGRAM: @sggpublicrelations

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