First ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Teaser Features Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord

First 'Wonder Woman 1984' Teaser Features Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord

The full trailer will be released Sunday at Brazil’s Comic Con Experience.

by Sharareh Drury

Gal Gadot shared the first teaser for Wonder Woman 1984 on Saturday morning, with the Amazonian princess stating in the preview «nothing good is born from lies and greatness is not what you think.»

The under-30 second teaser for the Patty Jenkins’ directed DC film previews plenty of Wonder Woman strength including the demigoddess swiping at a bullet in slow motion.

While no previews of Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah are featured in the teaser, there is a short shot of Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord.

There are also glimpses of the story’s 1980’s setting in Washington D.C. with what appears to be crashed cars and ambulances in front of the Capitol Building. The teaser ends with Wonder Woman lashing out her Lasso of Truth, attaching it to a bolt of lightning.

Wonder Woman 1984 is scheduled for release June 5, 2020. Watch the teaser below.

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