Hector Delgado Embraces New Musical Calling with «La Hora Cero»

Hector Delgado Embraces New Musical Calling with "La Hora Cero"

The 10-track album was co-produced by Aneudy, mastermind behind recent hits by Rauw Alejandro, Farruko and Wisin, among others

Music has incredible healing powers, and evangelist Héctor Delgado knows the depth of healing through music. This time, he combines the power of lyrics and music to share with the world his faith and profound adoration God.

With a title that represents a transcendental moment in life, “La Hora Cero” includes 10 unreleased tracks, co-produced with Aneudy Maysonet. Throughout the inspirational album, Hector reiterates the greatness of the love of God, his power to restore and at the same time makes a call for those in need to give themselves to God.

From this album, the powerful single “Corre Que Se Hace Tarde” stands out due to its story, one that mirrors that moment when Delgado decided to leave his past behind and begin the journey as a devout Christian. This concept is represented in the video by a pain a mother feels she loses her son, a victim of street violence.

The album has additional stand out tracks, including “Me Han Hablado”, penned by Alex O. Cordero, however, one of the most personal tracks on the album is «Todo o nada», which he also co-wrote with Wise. This single is a testament of Delgado’s life prior to converting to Christianity. Both tracks are accompanied by individual videos.

«I had a life full of luxury, fame and all those things, but when I was alone in a room, I wanted to giveaway everything I had for peace, happiness and my family,» says the Maranatha Church’s pastor.

In “La Hora Cero”, Delgado delivers emotional and powerful sermons through “Perdí la Pasión”, “Me Han Hablado”, “Todo o Nada”, “Te Encontré”, “El Jornalero” and “Ahora Te Llamo”. The songs are meant to invite listeners to embrace prayer, forgiveness and embrace their own weaknesses, in order for them to bear witness to the love and mercy of God.

The album also features special collaborations with July Ann Alvarado (“Te Encontré”), Brenda Santaella (“Mi Dios es Capaz») and Judith Batista (“Ahora Te Llamo»).

The album, which is now available on all digital platforms, is released under Maranatha Ministries and Nain Music, was recorded at Top Level Music and Kee Records Studios in Dorado, Puerto Rico.

“For years, I felt uneasy about this album due to my commitment with God and evangelism, aws well as my calling as a pastor and the work I carry out through Maranatha. However, I felt in my heart that this was the perfect time to reveal through this project the work that God has done with me. ‘La Hora Cero’ is another tool I will use to help transform lives, leading those in need through the way of the Lord,” he concludes.

This is Héctor Delgado’s first project, since he made the decision to dedicate his life to God and his Gospel in 2008.

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