Fedro the new ‘Divo del Pop’ conquers Times Square in NYC

Fedro appears with his new AV Magazine cover in Time Square.

Fedro celebrates the success of his new song “Vete a la Chingada” and does it in a big way in the Big Apple. The Mexican Star continues unstoppable after the premiere of her most recent urban single last Friday, October 2, in all digital stores.

Fedro cover AV Magazine
Fedro cover AV Magazine

Fedro celebrates his first 200,000 thousand views on YouTube of his video clip with two impressive giant screens located at locations 44St and Broadway and 45St and Broadway in New York City.

From the premiere of «Siento Amor» his previous single to the recent release of «Vete a la Chingada» the singer appears with a unique style and a very controversial image that has left all his fans and followers very impressed and speechless.

Fedro announced on his social networks that he will not lower his guard in this new stage of his career and clarifies that he will continue to defend this new image out of respect for his LGBTQI community.

The artist has started a successful promotion in the city of Miami, extending to Houston, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico, but now he is getting ready to conquer the New York media.

“I am very flattered that AV Magazine chose me as the cover of their magazine for the month of October with my new image. I am also super happy to appear on the giant screens in Times Square. Thank God, my family and my work team who are betting on my career in a big way, I am extremely grateful to everyone ”. Fedro said.

Soon they will be able to see much more of the new of Fedro in all their social networks and in the different cities where he will be presenting on his media tour. In about a week he will release the official remixes of this new song made by the most important Latin DJs.

It is valid to note that Fedro has been the second cover of the Grupo Leferas™  that is displayed in Times Square, New York. Important figures from the entertainment industry have also appeared, such as Maria Celeste Arraras and Armando Correa, president of People en Español. We are very happy with the appearance of Fedro in New York, being the first Latino Gay artist representing the LGBTQI community to appear on these covers.

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