Artik present his second single in spanish, «CHICA BONITA»

Artik present his second single in spanish, "CHICA BONITA"


Artik, the multi-awarded producer and artist has successfully surpassed any language barriers, releasing his second single completely in Spanish, «Chica Bonita”, available from today on all digital platforms.

With his own record label «Self Made Music” distributed by Warner Music Russia, Artik has succeeded in his country with his project “Artik & Asti”, whose songs have more than 2.6 billion digital streams, and their videos over 650 million views on YouTube. As a music producer and entrepreneur, Artik has also released and developed new artists under his label.

Artik’s love for the Spanish language and Latin culture have taken him to embark on this new project, which has had a great reception in the key Latin markets, such as the US, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Chile. Since his crossover international debut single “Die For You”, and the Summer hit “Báilame”, that received more than 250K streams in less than 6 weeks & more than 500K views on YouTube with the video, his entrance in the Latin market can be considered a huge success.

Today, the artist releases his second single in Spanish «Chica Bonita», song with a catchy melody, good vibes and an amazing musical collaboration from his friends and colleagues, Marvin, Cuban artist who has composed songs for top names such as Gente de Zona, and Artem Kacher, artist signed to Artik’s label who is also featured in the song “Báilame”.

“I am a fan and admirer of Latin culture, and I feel very comfortable singing in Spanish, something that I do it with love and respect. I feel our music has many similarities. My main goal is to touch on emotions through my music» said, Artik.

Having spent the past few months in Moscow due to the lockdown, Artik has been working on his upcoming singles, both from his Russian project and the Latin one, and looking forward to traveling back to Miami, where he and his family are seasonal residents. “I have been in touch with my Latin friends, but nothing replaces the in-person contact and the excitement of collaborating in the recording studio”. It will also be the first opportunity for Artik to start working with Latin media directly.

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