Daddy Yankee Owns Puerto Rico Baseball Team Santurce Cangrejeros

Daddy Yankee Owns Puerto Rico Baseball Team Santurce Cangrejeros

Global music icon, entrepreneur and hitmaker, Daddy Yankee, has joined the Cangrejeros de Santurce baseball team as investor and owner.

Daddy Yankee will join Chairman Thomas Axon and President Justo Moreno as owners of the team, which is based in San Juan and hosts its home games in the Hiram Bithorn Stadium. 

“My fans know that baseball is my passion. I was raised in Santurce, so what better way to celebrate the place I grew up in than to partner with their very own, Cangrejeros to continue promoting our homegrown talent outside of Puerto Rico, and inspire a new generation of local young athletes,” added Yankee.

“The team’s history and importance to Puerto Rico’s proud sports heritage convinced Daddy Yankee that the continued renaissance of Puerto Rico baseball was something he just felt like he needed to be involved with,” Mr. Axon explained in inviting Daddy Yankee to become an owner of the team. “The particular history of this team, and Daddy Yankee having grown up playing baseball essentially in the shadow of our stadium in Santurce, were also important in Daddy Yankee’s decision,” added Mr. Moreno.

The team’s roster has included many players who went on to become Hall of Fame Major League Baseball players, not the least of whom is Roberto Clemente, after whom the entire Puerto Rico professional baseball league is named.

The Cangrejeros of the Roberto Clemente League, won the 2019-20 League championship before the pandemic precluded the Cangrejeros from playing the 2020-21 season. The 2021-22 season is set to begin on November 6. Many of the Roberto Clemente League’s regular-season games, and all of the post-season playoffs, will be broadcast in Puerto Rico by WAPA and across the United States and internationally by Fox Sports on FS2 and other Fox-owned networks. “I’m hoping my fans, here and across the United States and abroad, and all fans of baseball, particularly of Puerto Rico baseball, will consider joining us at the exciting games we’ll be hosting this season at Hiram Bithorn Stadium, and will also tune into our game broadcasts on WAPA and other media outlets” Daddy Yankee offered. “This is an exciting time for me, for our League, and for our team as we fight to regain our crown against some fantastic competition,” he intoned.

Puerto Rico baseball is having a Renaissance. And the Santurce Cangrejeros have found their Renaissance man. Yankee added he’ll be at the stadium rooting for his team every day his touring schedule allows him to.

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