After “Gan-Ga” and “Gan-Ga Remix” Success, Bryant Myers Releases «Gan-Ga Uptown Remix» Feat. French Montana and Lil Tjay

After “Gan-Ga” and “Gan-Ga Remix” Success, Bryant Myers Releases "Gan-Ga Uptown Remix" Feat. French Montana and Lil Tjay

Bryant Will Continue To Promote His Newest Single «Ojitos», While «Gan-Ga Uptown Remix» Will Be Focused On The General Market. Myers Also Prepares a Surprise For His Fans, Releasing a New Trap In a Few Days That Is «WOW»

After “Gan-Ga” and “Gan-Ga Remix” great success, with more than 200 million views combined on YouTube and more than 250 million streams on music platforms, the singer, songwriter and one Latin Trap movement pioneers, Bryant Myers, launched this past Friday “Gan-Ga Uptown Remix” featuring two of the most important rappers of this era: French Montana and Lil Tjay. This new version released under the Entertainment One U.S. label, is now available on all digital platforms.

“Gan-Ga Uptown Remix” was composed by Bryan Robert Rohena Perez (Bryant Myers), Karim Kharbouch (French Montana) and Tione Jayden Merritt (Lil Tjay) and produced by Martin Rodriguez Vicente (CromoX) and Yan Carlos Francisco Guzman Velazquez (Lanalizer ). In this song, the singer talks about fortune and the know-how to surround himself with friends who can be trusted.

Additionally, the official music video for “Gan-Ga Uptown Remix” premiered Friday on Complex, and it was trending #13 on YouTube in the US. Under the direction of John Tashiro and production of SHOTCLOCK, the video shows the 3 artists in different locations in New York City, where it was recorded.

“I have always really liked the flow and style of American music, and I feel blessed and satisfied to have had the opportunity to collaborate with these two amazing artists since it was one of my dreams, it is definitely another achievement of my career. That genre of music has always inspired me, so I am very happy with this collaboration” says Bryant about the experience of working with artists like French Montana and Lil Tjay.

Bryant Myers is recognized as one of the latin trap pioneers that put the genre on the map. One of his first hits, “Esclava,” along with its remix version with Almighty, Anuel AA and Anonimus, has generated more than 215 million views combined on YouTube. The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter has collaborated with prominent artists such as Maluma, Juhn and Noriel, who were a part of «Cuatro Babys,» (amassing over 912 million views on YouTube). Right after, he released his debut album “La Oscuridad,” which reached the top 5 on Billboard’s “Top Latin Albums” chart for 20 weeks consecutively.

In 2020, Myers came to conquer the genre with “Como Panas”, as well as his latest hit and current single “Ojitos”, which less than a month after his release, has more 6 million views on YouTube and will continue to be promoted within the radio and Latino media in the United States and the Latin Region. Both songs will be featured in his long-awaited second studio album “Bendecido.”

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