VF7 opens up her heart in new song “De mi Para Ti”

VF7 opens up her heart in new song “De mi Para Ti”

The 13-year-old singer has accumulated more than 25 million plays on all digital music platforms

For the first time, VF7 presented an award at Univision’s “Premios Juventud”

After being successful with her previous singles “Aprovecha” with Adexe and Nau, and “Extrañandote” with Rauw Alejandro, the young singer-songwriter VF7 continues to surprise her fans. With mature lyric, she presents TODAY, her new single and video “De Mi Para Ti”, a song that tells a heartbreak story. The song is presented by the record label Sora and Company1 and distributed by The Orchard. The song is now available in all digital platforms.

De Mi Para Ti’ is an open letter, a song that anyone can identify with,” says VF7. This song, written by the young artist and produced by Mr. NaisGai, the mastermind behind hits like “Tattoo” and “Fantasías”, which openly details the feelings and the journey of a person who is going through a heartbreaking moment after being rejected by another person, “Aunque se que no me quieres, y que a otra tu prefieres, verte con otra me hace daño, dije públicamente que todavía te extraño” (Even though I know you don’t love me, and that you prefer another girl, seeing you with her hurts me, I said publicly that I still miss you). The videoclip shows VF7 in a nostalgic environment, where she remembers her loved one. The video was directed by Abner Maldonado, produced by Abez Media and recorded in Puerto Rico.

With ‘De Mi Para Ti’, the 13-year-old singer-songwriter, showcases a preview of her debut album. “My album has my unique stamp, a different style, everyone will enjoy unique sounds and mixes that nobody has done. They will know another side of me” expressed VF7.

Last June, VF7 became the first female artist to perform at El Coliseo de Puerto Rico, under the new modality of virtual concerts. The young artist performed with live musicians and the show broadcasted live on her official YouTube channel.

Last Thursday (August 13), VF7 was invited for the first time to participate at Univision’s “Premios Juventud” which took place in Hollywood, Florida. VF7 is currently working on her debut album «Núcleo», which promises to be full of surprise collaborations with renowned reggaeton artists.

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