Lupita Infante sings a Pedro Infante Cover «Canto del Bracero,» Relaying a Message to Immigrants Across the US

Lupita Infante sings a Pedro Infante Cover "Canto del Bracero," Relaying a Message to Immigrants Across the U

The GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter, Lupita Infante, releases a live performance cover of “Canto Del Bracero,” a track originally released by Lupita’s grandfather, Pedro Infante, one of the most acclaimed and legendary Mexican singers and actors of all times.

Lupita Infante reimagined the song to her own, while simultaneously aiming to release the same message of “hope” to immigrants across the United States that her grandfather initially intended.

Immigration issues are something that has surrounded the U.S. since the discovery of this country, and the message that Pedro Infante initially gave in the lyrics of this track still rings true today. The song shines a spotlight on the sacrifices and hardships experienced by immigrants, particularly Mexican laborers, in their pursuit of the American Dream. Its lyrics raise awareness about the discrimination and adversity endured by braceros (Mexican agricultural workers) and how a happy ending is not always the case.

Talking about why she decided to sing a live cover of this track, Lupita states “I felt a special connection to this beautiful song by my grandfather, which speaks about the difficulties of being an immigrant living in this country. My maternal family (not Infantes), came to this country to work as braceros (Mexican Agricultural Laborers), and my mom would work on the grape vines. The lyrics of the track are about the braceros who came to this country in the hope of achieving their dreams of a better life but instead suffered. I wanted to bring my grandfather’s powerful message back to the forefront, as it still resonates true today.” 

In a recent Billboard article, Lupita Infante highlighted the importance of belonging to the Infante Dynasty, stating “It is a great privilege. I do what I do with a lot of love, affection and above all respect. This is something that brings me closer to my roots and my family, so I feel I need it in my life to feel complete.” (read the full article HERE).

As 2x GRAMMY® nominee, Lupita Infante has been dubbed one of the brightest new stars of Regional Mexican by People Magazine (read here), and as she hails from one of the most influential Mexican icons in history, “the legacy she carries on her shoulder makes it almost natural for her to have the artist inclinations she posses” LA Times (read here).

 As Lupita continues to form her own legacy in the realm of Musica Mexicana, this live rendition of her grandfather’s heartfelt track further proves her talent in perpetuating his timeless messages across generations. It’s a testament to how his artistic legacy has resonated with her not just as an artist, but also as a daughter to Immigrant parents, who have navigated the complexities of life in the United States.

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