Latin GRAMMY® winner Obie Bermúdez celebrates Valentine’s Day with “Pa’ qué Volver” feat. Nacho

Latin GRAMMY® winner Obie Bermúdez celebrates Valentine's Day with “Pa’ qué Volver” feat. Nacho

Latin Grammy®-winning artist and one of the most privileged Latin voices, Obie Bermúdez, celebrates the Day of Love and Friendship (Valentine’s Day) with the release of his new single «Pa’ Que Volver»(“Why come back”) with Nacho. Released under the Stuart Music Inc. label, listen to the track on all digital music platforms.

“Pa’ qué Volver” by Obie Bermúdez, Yadam and Raymond Castellón was recorded in North Miami Beach, produced by Yadam for GLAD Empire and Stuart Music, chaired by Tommy Stuart.

“I am very pleased with this song that gave me the opportunity to sing alongside Nacho, a colleague and talented artist that I greatly admire. It was the first time we collaborated, and the creative process was very interesting. I have a lot of faith in this track”, said the hit-making singer, Obie Bermúdez.

Regarding the experience of making this song with Obie Bermúdez and the story behind the video, Nacho expressed that “It is about two singers, played by Obie and me, who love making music. Thus we begin to shape the story when in a photo session a subtle flirtation begins between the photographer and one of the singers, until they decide to walk down the street together, perhaps giving him a new chance at love. For me it has been a pleasant opportunity to carry out this collaboration with a colleague that I value very much.”

The music video for “Pa’ qué Volver” was directed by 1E and produced by Sunny Side Up Ideas. The release of the song was premiered with a special appearance by the artist at the T-Mobile District in San Juan.

“Pa’ qué Volver” is now available on all digital platforms.

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