Join the six-day virtual festival at the nexus of design, music, art, entertainment and digital culture.

Collaborate with and learn from top artists. Join our partners at the OFFF Barcelona 2021 virtual experience for a week of workshops, networking and performances, from May 3-8!

The Webby Awards honors work produced by some of the world’s best artists. Behind every Webby-recognized project is a group of creative directors, technologists, designers, animators, and more that made it happen.

How can you get your skills to that level?

Learn from the global creative industry’s leading voices at OFFF Barcelona 2021. It will be a six-day, virtual festival and 360° experience, taking place May 3-8—and you can attend anywhere, at any time!

Purchase your ticket to attend 36 talks and workshops led by artists from around the world, covering topics from pitching in the Motion Graphics industry to learning advanced 3D techniques. This year’s featured guests include Webby-recognized artists like Adam J. Kurtz and Zipeng Zhu, as well as Wade and Leta, Vallée Duhamel, Raissa PardiniLobulo, and Future Deluxe.

Get your tickets to experience a world that never rests or pauses or ends. Note: If you purchased a ticket for last year’s OFFF Barcelona 2020, it will continue to be valid for this year’s festival.

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