Jenni Rivera Enterprises introduces artisanal beer in honor of La Diva de la Banda

Jenni Rivera Enterprises introduces artisanal beer in honor of La Diva de la Banda

In honor of his mother, Mike Rivera, Jenni Rivera’s eldest son, designed the concept for the beer.

Jenni Rivera Enterprises introduced a new artisanal beer, ‘La Chacalosa’, in memory of the eternal Diva de la Banda. The lager-based beer was designed and brewed by Jenni Rivera’s son, Michael ‘Mike’ Rivera, with Cerveza Cito Brewery, which is located in Santa Ana (California). The beer’s subtle, pleasant and refreshing taste makes it the perfect drink to share with family and friends. “La Chacalosa” will be introduced for the first time this Saturday, December 17, at the El Festival del Tamal (TamalFest) in Santa Ana, CA.

“La Chacalosa” is the title of a song by Jenni Rivera; a term used by the Mexican singer to refer to a woman who likes to have fun drinking, partying and dancing.

(From left to right) Mike Rivera- Creative Director for “La Chacalosa”, Jacqie Rivera – CEO Jenni Rivera Enterprises and Jbird – Co-Owner of Cerveza Cito

“It’s a special project for Jenni Rivera and a gift to my mother. For the design of the can, both the designer and I focused on some elements that characterized Jenni Rivera: the butterfly, the ocean off the California coast, Long Beach, and how much she enjoyed drinking beer and having family BBQs. When I think of ‘la chacalosa’, I imagine a BBQ Sunday with my mom and family, sharing memories over a cold beer. Definitely, that kind of moment is what I want people to feel when they try this beer that was made with all the love in the world,” expressed Mike Rivera and his brothers.

In November, Jenni Rivera’s home state of California saw the reopening of the Jenni Rivera Fashion store. Located at Brea Mall in Orange County, the store offers over 15 different t-shirt designs, an exclusive Jenni Rivera collection jacket, five sweater and hat designs. Sizes range from small to 2X large, and prices range from $19.99 to $99.99. Plans are in the pipeline to expand the store online, where fans can purchase these as well as additional items, such as books, candles and holiday ornaments by Jenni Rivera.

In November, an original track produced by Sergio Lizarraga and Pavel Ocampo,Misión Cumplida”,  was released.  This single celebrates the early beginnings of the Diva de la Banda, and was a gift for faithful Jenni Rivera fans, who are witnessing just the beginning of what’s soon to come, including an unreleased album produced by Sergio Lizarraga.

La Diva de la Banda has made an enormous impact in the Latin music industry. Her music has transcended genres, achieving millions of streams and receiving countless awards. Some of her most beloved and iconic tracks include “Basta Ya”, “La Gran Señora”, and “No Llega El Olvido”, among others. Even after her unfortunate passing 10 years ago, she remains in the hearts of audiences around the world and her legacy lives, now more than ever.

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