International K-Pop Group T1419 makes history as the First K-Pop act to appear on HTV

International K-Pop Group T1419 makes history as the First K-Pop act to appear on HTV

T1419 made history again. Adding on to their accolades, the group became the first K-Pop group to appear on HTV Latin America.

The group first made history in Latin entertainment last October by being the First K-Pop group to perform on a national Latin music award show, MonitorLatino. Later in December, the group made history by opening the Asia Artists Awards with Global Superstar Daddy Yankee’s global hit “PROBLEMA” which made the single the first Spanish song to open the Asian Artists Awards.

The members express their feelings on this honor: 

NOA: As I know, HTV is the biggest music channel in Latin America! I can’t believe our song is being aired here! I think it was possible because of the Latin American fans who love us. I want to say thank you and I want to perform in front of Latin American fans as soon as possible. Thank you!

SIAN: Thanks to the love of Latin American fans, our song T1419 was able to be shown on HTV. I hope we have a chance to show you our stage in person. Thank you.

KEVIN: Thanks to the interest of Latin American fans, we were able to come out on HTV. Thank you!

GUNWOO: First of all, thank you (HTV) so much for broadcasting our song. I think it’s a great honor to have our song on such a big music channel. Next time, we’ll prepare better songs and performances, so please look forward to T1419’s next step!

LEO: I was so happy to hear that our song will be able to be heard on HTV, and I hope there will be more opportunities for more people to listen to our song. I want to work hard and repay the fans’ love as much as possible.

ON: I think our music and performances have a lot of energy. I have a dream where I want to share our energy with as many people as possible. I was able to realize my dream through the HTV Latin American music channel! Thank you.

ZERO: I can’t believe that our song was aired on HTV Latin America. It’s a great honor. I think it’s all thanks to Edelweiss who gives us strength every day. I hope we can meet our fans in Latin America soon. Thank you.

KAIRI: It’s such an honor and I’m so proud that our song was aired on HTV Latin America. I want to say thank you and love you to Edelweiss who loves T1419. We will continue to do our best to repay Edelweiss with more cool and great performances and I hope the day comes when I can meet Edelweiss all over the world as soon as possible. Thank you!

KIO: It’s an honor for T1419 to be on the HTV Latin American music channel for the first time as a K-pop idol! We will do our best to visit the studio and meet you next time, so please continue to support us!!

T1419 is set to perform at KAMP LA, a two-day K-Pop festival taking place at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California on October 15th and 16th. Apart from T1419, the performance line-up also includes BAMBAM, IKON, Kai, ASEPA, Epik High, MOMOLAND, ZION. T, Taeyeon, and more.

Later this month, the group is set to release a new album showcasing their improved musicality and performance. Stay tuned for more from T1419!

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