Gaira Música Local and Carlos Vives Join the Powerful Worldwide Squadron Zumba

Gaira Música Local and Carlos Vives Join the Powerful Worldwide Squadron Zumba


Gaira Música Local announces the global alliance with Zumba, the most powerful fitness firm. The masterful and unique agreement; in which the song “SI LO CANTO YO” is brought to life, a theme performed by GML artists, the duo Pacific Broders and by Esteban Nieto which was produced by Carlos Vives, Martín Velilla and Andrés Leal.

“SI LO CANTO YO”, arrives to be part of the ZIN 87 volume of Zumba; exclusive content for licensed Zumba instructors, the song will be applied to routines and choreography in a live classroom setting. The single will reach more than 15 million Zumba consumers per week in 186 countries from more than 400,000 locations worldwide.

“This song came to me at perfect timing, I was organizing my playlist and I needed a cumbia song so listening to it was a revelation due to its Caribbean rhythms and fusion, plus the amazing interpretation which celebrates joy! On the other hand, the song is made to interact with people, just what is needed in a Zumba class. The most beautiful thing so far has been the feedback and messages I get from instructors from all over the world who, even without understanding what the song says, they find it very joyful… so I am happy to support its interpreters and proud that it is a collaboration with Zumba’s authors,” says Beto Perez, creator of Zumba.

The lyrics invite everybody to have fun, dance, celebrate life and move their body from anywhere in the world. The official video was filmed between Cartagena (Esteban Nieto), Bogotá (Pacific Broders) and Miami (Beto Perez). In addition, it has home videos recorded in more than 18 countries by Colombian instructors from around the world including countries like South Korea, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, the United States and Colombia, among others. In social media, there are already more than 200 videos of instructors and fans doing the choreography of «SI LO CANTO YO».

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