Daddy Yankee’s «Que Tire Pa’ Lante» reigns #1 song in the USA

Daddy Yankee's "Que Tire Pa’ Lante" reigns #1 song in the USA

Daddy Yankee completed his “Con Calma Pa’l Choli” 7th show of the total 10 SOLD OUT shows in Puerto Rico. “Con Calma Pa’l Choli” made history with 10 SOLD OUT shows in Puerto Rico

Reggaeton pioneer, Daddy Yankee continues dominating the top music charts. Daddy Yankee’s “QTP” (Que Tire Pa’lante) leads No.1 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay and Latin Rhythm Airplay charts, meanwhile holds a No.1 on the radio charts in six latin american countries.

The top-ranked single “Que Tire Pa’ Lante”, release at the end of October, is a dancehall uptempo reggaeton track. The video brings over 60 dancers in dance battles, warehouse setting, and choreography, which inspired numerous dance routines around the world, from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Shanghai, China. #QTPChallenge on social media keeps fans around the world dancing on their feet till the last beat. The global smash “QTP” has surpassed 272 million of views on YouTube in one month.

On the weekend, the “Big Boss” completed his 7th show and delighted fans with a journey through the hits of his almost 30-year career and making history with 10 sold out shows for his “Con Calma Pa’l Choli” tour. So far Daddy Yankee has completed 7 of his 10 sold out shows, and the last show is set to be two days before the year ends.

Daddy Yankee is one of the biggest artists in the music industry. His music has no limits and no language barriers, his songs play from north to south and east to west of the globe. The “Big Boss” knows best how to take latin music to every corner of the world.

Year after year, Daddy Yankee continues leading the charts with his most viral videos and catchy lyrics. From the success of «Con Calma» (YouTube’s Most-Watched Music video of 2019), “Shaky Shaky”, «Dura» to the smash hit of “Despacito”, with most views in YouTube history.

Daddy Yankee opened the year with the global hit “Con Calma” which became the #1 on Top Global Music Videos on YouTube, as most watched video of 2019. And as if that were not enough, the “Big Boss” closes 2019 with “Que Tire Pa’ Lante” as the #1 song in the USA.

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