Carlos Vives and Camilo travel back in time with «Baloncito Viejo»

Carlos Vives and Camilo travel back in time with "Baloncito Viejo"

Set in the 19th century, featuring a special guest appearance of Carlos Vives’ mom, Aracely Restrepo, the music video shares a love story through soccer.

“Baloncito Viejo” will be a featured on Vives’ anticipated new album Cumbiana 2

Global music icon and 15-time Latin GRAMMY® winner Carlos Vives joins forces for the first time with fellow Colombian multiple Latin GRAMMY® winner, and one of today’s most acclaimed Latin music artists, Camilo. Their collaboration titled “Baloncito Viejo” brings the two Colombians together to create a song that combines the romanticism and traditional Colombian sounds, trademark to Vives’ musical style. Released under Sony Music Latin, the song is now available on all digital streaming platforms HERE.

“Baloncito Viejo” was produced by Carlos Vives, Andrés Leal, and Martín Velilla, and was composed by Carlos Vives and Camilo, alongside Latin GRAMMY® nominee, Jorge Luis Chacín, Andrés Leal and Martín Velilla.

In the song, Vives and Camilo express love through a soccer metaphor where they use the «Baloncito Viejo» (or the ‘old ball’) as a symbol of love and the importance of playing responsibly to avoid hurting the other person. «If you don’t give yourself to me seriously, if it’s not true love, where did you come from? / If you’re going to throw me away, like an old ball / Then, I don’t want to play anymore.»

Under the direction of Felipe Montoya/Sergio Ramírez for Mestiza Films and the creative direction of Carlos Vives, the music video was shot in Miami, FL. Traveling through time in a story set in a 19th century sports club, the video draws inspiration from the aesthetics, costumes and set design of productions such as The English Game. In the music video, the artists play soccer, the game that the English people took around the world, where they duel for the love of the woman through the game. The lead character plays against both Vives’ and Camilo, and the game represents what happens in love, where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Where you dream of victory, which is ending up with the person you love.

“Baloncito Viejo” will be part of Vives’ anticipated upcoming album Cumbiana 2, which will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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