Cadiz’s Newest Export Fran Rozzano Reinvents Flamenco Urban Sound

Cadiz's Newest Export Fran Rozzano Reinvents Flamenco Urban Sound

Co-produced by Mambo Kingz, the successful duo of Puerto Rican producers, and DJ Luian and Hydro, “Toxico” is Rozzano’s second single released released under the Pina Records imprint

After setting social media and digital platforms on fire with his debut single under Pina Records, “Inédito”, the Spanish singer-songwriter Fran Rozzano returns with his new song “Tóxico”. With his vocal stamp that bears the origin of his country, this new song fuses the typical sounds of reggaeton with the vibrant rhythm of electronic music. Co-produced by award-winning Puerto Rican producer duo Mambo Kingz alongside DJ Luian and Hydro, is being released under the Pina Records label and is now available on all digital platforms.

“Tóxico” is the last call made to close a cycle, a relationship, and explain to the other person that if they are no longer together it is because they had something that was «toxic». In addition, with the song Rozzano wants to deliver a strong message to audiences: “I want to bring a message of liberation and salvation. If you are in a toxic relationship that does not bring you any good and hurts you, have the courage to let go because in the end what you are doing is saving yourself. It is time to stop suffering and celebrate by dancing to the rhythm of ‘Tóxico’,” expressed Rozzano. “I wrote the song with the intention of it becoming an anthem for people who realized that they had a toxic relationship and were able to overcome it. Tóxico is the joy of letting go,” he concluded.

The video was directed by Rodrigo Films and was filmed in the Dominican Republic. Set in a club scenario, vibrant colors and the undeniable joy of a person who frees themselves from the toxicity of a significant other are just some of the elements that stand out in the video. «It is the celebration of being able to be yourself, to be good with yourself, without ties,» explained Rozzano about the concept of the video that was filmed in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic. Without a doubt, the video tells the story that the artist wants to express with this song.

The Spanish artist from Cádiz, Spain, Rozzano, began creating his covers on YouTube and found his opportunity in the music industry when he participated in the October 2020 challenge “Tienes Un Minuto”, presented by Raphy Pina on social media. From that moment his life changed and he has not stopped working to deliver innovative and refreshing music to the public with a touch of his Spanish roots. His first single «Inédito», released in February of this year, managed to catapult him into stardom and became a trend on social media around the world.

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