Boza and Dalex collaborate for the first time on «Volar»

Boza and Dalex collaborate for the first time on "Volar"

“Volar” was produced by Sky Rompiendo

Boza presents new single and video “Volar”, with first collaboration alongside Puerto Rican urban artist Dalex.

During a flight to Santiago, Chile five months ago, BOZA got the idea and concept for the song. Upon returning from Chile to Florida, he arrives at a studio in Miami where he joins renowned Colombian producer, Sky Rompiendo, with whom he achieves the perfect combination. The only thing missing was a melodious voice, and who’d be better than Dalex to complement it. “Volar” is now available on all digital music platforms and will be part of Boza’s next album

“It’s a song that addresses a moment in which we meet someone for the first time and instantly fall in love at first sight. With this song, I’m asking a girl to give me a chance so we can fly together. This is something I’ve experienced, and I think a lot of people have lived through this moment as well,” expressed Boza. “I not only want people to hear this song at the club and groove, but also use the song as a way to get closer to the person they have feelings for faster,” added the artist, who expressed his excitement about releasing a song that he connected to since the very beginning. “I think when you like every aspect of a song, that shows in the finished product.”

The music video was directed by venezuelan Lennyn Salinas and Daniel Bethencourt for Mar De Fondo, and was filmed in the city of Miami, FL. Throughout many scenes and visuals, Boza and Dalex take us on a journey narrated through the lyrics that describe the feeling of love at first sight and the desire they have for someone to teach them how to fly (“Volar”).

Previously, Boza released a variety of bundles (compilation of 3 songs) one of which includes “Qué Prefieres?” (“Talismán” and “Pa’ que tú me veas”) that contains the focus track alongside Beéle, that has accumulated more than 15 million combined views and streams, and peaked at #4 on America’s #1 Music Charts, presented by the prestigious publication Pollstar. He most recently released the bundle “Booty Putty”, which includes a track under the same name and two additional songs titled “Malévola” and “Strawberry Banana”.

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