Alican Akman cover in AV Magazine

Alican Akman is the cover of AV magazine this month! Wearing a stylish black suit, the Turkish actor poses for our magazine in the City of Angels, where he currently resides.

Alican Akman cover AV Magazine
Alican Akman cover AV Magazine

Since he moved to Los Angeles his career has skyrocketed. Important casting directors and producers noticed his outstanding talents, which led Alican to book new roles in big projects. One of the latest projects he has booked is a starring role in a Turkish-American co-production romantic comedy series that will be aired on Netflix. As always, due to confidentiality agreements, we can’t say much about the project or his role in it, but Akman can’t wait to share all the details with the world!

Another one of Alican’s projects that will be coming out soon, is an American movie where he plays a Turkish character.

Alican Akman was born in Izmir, Turkey, where he performed in various plays written by Shakespeare, Çehov, Moliere. He also performed in several plays when he was only twenty-one years old, directed by famous Turkish director Onur Unlu, and played the role of Ali in the popular television series called Leyla and Mecnun, which became the first Turkish series to break into the top 50 of IMDB’s top 250 best series. The series is set in Istanbul and it is a surreal and absurd comedy that revolves around the fictional love story between Leyla and Mecnun.

Akman has been acting for twelve years and he says he started because his passion for it was such, that to him it felt more like a hobby instead of work.

While living in Turkey, Alican played roles in the movies Sen Aydinlatirsin Geceyi and Itirazim Var by Onur Unlu. Both movies received the prestigious Altin Portakal movie awards in Turkey. The success of the projects he was a part of, led him to book an important role in the television series Ben de Ozledim.

Akman’s name became well-known in the Turkish film industry and he thought it was time to make the jump to the film capital of the world. The Turkish actor took his luggage and made it to Los Angeles where he made sure to study in the most prestigious schools, Eric Morris and Ivana Chubbuck, the school that trained some of the best-known actors in the world such as Brad Pitt or Halle Berry, who thanked Ivana when she won the Oscar for her performance in the film Monster’s Ball.

The actor has a big asset, he can act in English and Turkish, which not many other actors can do.

Alican also has a Latino look, which is getting the interest of producers creating projects involving Latino actors, and is attracting the interest of the Spanish speaking media.

His main goal is to introduce his culture and country’s movies and shows to Hollywood. He wants to be first famous Turkish actor in Hollywood and star in Turkish – American partnership movies, which he recently did.

Alican knows the importance of new media and the social media platforms nowadays. As an actor, it’s important to create your own content and put it out there, so he’s very focused on creating videos for his Youtube channel where he shows his Turkish followers the lifestyle in Los Angeles.

Stay posted with his work and life!

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