Unforgettable performance by Radmila Lolly at the opening game of the Miami Marlins

Singer Radmila Lolly put up an unforgettable performance at the Miami Marlins & NY Mets baseball game on March 30th, alongside DJ Mike Tee creating a buzz among her fans and the Miami community as a whole.

Her big hit “Magic City”, a song dedicated to her beloved Miami, was the highlight of the show, that had an interesting surprise: a self-made custom-designed ball gown made of Miami Marlin’s jerseys, something for which she made headlines in the city before.

Radmila Lolly became an icon in Miami when seen courtside, cheering on the team in self-made custom-designed ball gowns made from 14 Miami Heat jerseys. And she did it again.

In the past, Lolly also performed the National Anthem at the FTX Arena during a Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers game, accompanied by a string octet and the First Miami Presbyterian Church Choir. She is a regular volunteer at her church, Miami First Presbyterian, where she lends her voice to the choir.

Radmila has collaborated with many big names in the music industry, including Kanye West, with whom she worked on the soundtrack for his movie «Honor Up.» She has also made it onto the Billboard Dance Chart with her duet «U R Moving Me,» which climbed to number 21.

Radmila Lolly has left an indelible mark on the Miami community. Her unique sense of style, powerful voice, and tireless work ethic have made her a beloved figure in the city and beyond.

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