Turn your hair strawberry red like Dua Lipa with this beauty product

Turn your hair strawberry red like Dua Lipa with this beauty product

The ‘Physical’ songstress reveals a sneak peek of her new hairstyle

Dua Lipa is giving us future nostalgia of her black hair with a new reddish-hairstyle that she revealed to her fans yesterday. In the post, Dua offers a glimpse of her new dyed hair and captioned the picture strawberry emojis “????” while embracing her boldest look yet. The 24-year-old previously has dyed her hair pink, but this time she left some of her natural brunette locks untouched while dying just the top hair strands and her bangs. And Chiara Ferragni gave her beauty approval and commented “Queen ❤️,” while other fans praised the singer with “My strawberry princess ❤️.” The New Rules hitmaker has previously debuted orange hair and shades of blonde.

Recently, Dua cut her own bangs while at home which she had admitted to being an accident. The new two-toned hairstyle is receiving lots of compliments from her fans, “Omg yes!!! this is 100% the vibe,” and “I am so jealous of all your hair moments ?” commented her fans. It’s not confirmed if this was an at-home experiment or done by a professional hairstylist, but we are sure Dua will come up with another hair color. To achieve this strawberry red look without hair breakage use a semi-permanent hair dye. The Unicorn Hair Tint has an ultra-conditioning formula and adds a wash of color without damaging the hair. It is vegan, DIY-friendly and offers long-lasting results that fade gracefully.

Another product that works efficiently is the Sephora semi-permanent hair color that lasts over ten hair washes. The product comes in teal, pink and purple dye with a creamy formula that is non-damaging to your hair.


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This might symbolize a new era for Dua Lipa’s new album Future Nostalgia, which was released on March 27. The Don’t Start Now singer also revealed on a video post the latest book she is reading called My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell which features reddish hair locks on the cover. Maybe Dua’s new hair color was inspired by the book cover or it was a deliberate decision. In the book, a 15-year-old girl is seduced by an older man who compares her red hair with the fallen maple leaves and feeds her literature about redheads. We just need to wait for Dua’s review of the new fiction novel.

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