The Grupo LEFERAS ™ is positioned within the United States

The Grupo LEFERAS ™ is positioned within the United States

The magazines created by León Fernández ™ stand out as one of the main means of communication for the exposure of Latin talent

León Fernández, president and CEO of the prestigious Grupo LEFERAS ™ ️ based in Spain, has stood out for fostering the growing number of publications on the main Latin celebrities in the entertainment world, in order to systematically keep the entire media of his editorial «dlb Ediciones».

Fernández, is a president who proposes to adapt to the changes, which shows the recent creation of his new magazine Música is Life in one of the most difficult moments of the pandemic. This medium, together with the Fusion 4 Media Agency in Miami, will give the opportunity to recognize the work of entrepreneurs, producers, publicists, presenters and personnel dedicated to entertainment that many times remain anonymous.

The businessman is passionate about the entertainment industry, creating his own business group dedicated to design, sound and image. Founding and previously creating Shock Magazine® in December 2005, aimed at the Hispanic American world in general.

León Fernández later in 2014 launched a new magazine in digital format entitled DMH Magazine®. It touches on the most relevant events of Hispanic events, keeping readers informed 24 hours a day. Continuing with the media line, in June 2016 he launched a new magazine, Óyeme Magazine! «A magazine for you». The main celebrities from the world of entertainment, music, cinema and television stand out on its covers.

In July of that same year, he created the OWWNews magazine «Las cosas que hay noticias», a magazine that addresses political and social events. In 2018 another magazine titled Ooops! Magazine dedicated to exclusively female covers represented by various exponents of different musical genres. Parallel to the development of the International Conference of Billboard Latin Music in the city of Las Vegas, in 2019 it launches the new Beating Magazine «the music that takes you», a magazine dedicated exclusively to music.

On December 5, 2019, León Fernández created AV Magazine, being the first bilingual magazine of the Grupo LEFERAS ™ that is also published from Los Angeles, the United States. It keeps us updated on the events of celebrities, Hollywood and the Hispanic world in general.

Recently several of its covers have been exhibited on the main screens of the capital of the world. OWWNews magazine and AV Magazine have had the privilege of appearing in Times Square, New York with the collaboration of Latinplug.

León Fernández, is an entrepreneur who reinvents himself every day and evolves alongside new technologies and the media, leaving traces in the world of entertainment. Its magazines have conquered the Hispanic market, which shows its constant link with the main artist management advertising agencies in the United States. At present, all the Grupo LEFERAS ™ magazines have been recognized as one of the main communication media for the exposure and positioning of Latin talent worldwide.

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