«Pedacito De Mí» by Jenni Rivera reigns at No. 1 in Mexico

"Pedacito De Mí" by Jenni Rivera reigns at No. 1 in Mexico

The single is part of the posthumous album Misión Cumplida by the eternal «Diva de la Banda»

In honor of their mother’s legacy, Jenni Rivera’s daughters, Jacqie, Chiquis, and Jenicka, made a show-stopping performance of «Pedacito de Mí» at this year’s Premios Juventud. After a moving performance, the track has conquered the hearts of fans and currently reigns at No. 1 on Mexico radio.

With millions of views, “Pedacito De Mí” was written by Jenni Rivera for Johnny during her pregnancy with him. Searching through files, he found a reference track Jenni left behind for what would become «Pedacito De Mí». The track represents a very special moment for the siblings, as they paid tribute to their mother in the best possible way: with music.

“It’s really special that my mom started this song for me and that we produced the final track with the help of my sisters,” Johnny expressed. “It feels like a two-way gift: her to me and us to her.”

The music video for «Pedacito de Mi» is available on Jenni Rivera’s Youtube channel.

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