NATTI NATASHA has 4.7 Million Reasons Why a Homemade Quarantine Video Will Set the World on Fire for New Single «QUE MAL TE FUE»

NATTI NATASHA has 4.7 Million Reasons Why a Homemade Quarantine Video Will Set the World on Fire for New Single "QUE MAL TE FUE"

As one of the most prominent voices and influential figures in Latin music today, Natti Natasha embraces the current quarantine state and touches upon her reggae-reggaeton infused roots for new single «Que Mal Te Fue», released today under the Pina Records imprint and available on all digital platforms.

Originally just an idea in the back burner, the Dominican singer-songwriter decided to create a homemade video to share with fans on her official Instagram account. The teaser quickly surpassed 2.1 Million views, inspiring a second teaser for fans to vote on a title of the track. It was the second teaser that gave Natti Natasha 4.7 Million reasons to why release the new track alongside its video for fans to enjoy around the world.

The new single combines Natasha’s trademark voice and her Caribbean roots, helping «the most watched female Latin artist on YouTube» deliver an empowered message of security and self expression. The Reggae-Reggaeton infused track was produced by Top Latin producer Dimelo Flow and SP Polanco. Its lyrics symbolizes a woman’s power of self expression towards a man that has deceived her, giving way to reassurance of self-worth and self-respect, with the power to move on.

Aside from her current music releases, Natti Natasha has shown her support support to communities around the world that have been affected by the current world pandemic, and has taken part in multiple initiatives to help communities in need and send a message of gratitude to all the workers that have been in the front lines working to keep us safe. Natasha was featured in the Global Citizen and World Health Organization worldwide digital event «One World: Together At Home», where she delivered a message of gratitude to workers in the frontlines as well as encouraged its 240 Million digital viewers to be conscious and stay home. The Dominican star also joined forces with Major League Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez and the Pedro Martinez Foundation to give hope to families in Santiago, Dominican Republic, by delivering meals to families in that sector so they can have the essentials they need to survive tough times.

Earlier this month, Natti Natasha lent her voice to «RESISTIRÉ Dominican Republic», a merengue version of the RESISTIRÉ theme, which has become an anthem in countries like Spain and Mexico, and carries a message of hope and strength for those affected by the world pandemic. The proceeds of the track and video will go to 500 families of local musicians that have been affected by the world’s current events.

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