Natti Natasha and Pedro Martinez Deliver a Message of Hope to Families in Dominican Republic

The Pedro Martinez Foundation and Natti Natasha delivered meals to families that have been affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic in Santiago, Dominican Republic

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, communities around the world are facing extreme times. Thousands of families have been faced with job losses and their biggest challenge is providing food and essentials for their children. For that reason, Latin superstar Natti Natasha joined forces over the weekend with Major League Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez and the Pedro Martinez Foundation to help ease the pressure of parents in Santiago, Dominican Republic by donating food to families in the community.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Natasha and Martinez felt it is their social responsibility to help their community and deliver a message of hope to families in need back home. Born to Santiago, Natti Natasha expressed, «Now more than ever, I feel the need to find ways to help and support our communities around the world. I’m honored to begin this new project with the Pedro Martinez Foundation to help families in the city where I was born. I partnered with the foundation to encourage citizens to work together in support of our community during this pandemic.» Martinez added, «It is an honor to partner together with Natti and be able to help our Dominican community as they are in dire need right now».

To help families in Santiago, the foundation delivered meals over the weekend to families in the community so they can have the essentials they need to survive these tough times. Speared by foundation Executive Director, Carolina Martinez, and a donation by Natti Natasha, hundreds of families received donations delivered by local volunteers, bringing joy and hope to the sector’s families in need.

The mission of the Pedro Martinez Foundation is to deliver the right base for children as a foundation for healthy growth empowering them to rise up and become healthy contributors to their communities, hence ending the cycle of disadvantage and poverty. Both Natti Natasha and the Foundation also plan to expand donation efforts to multiple cities throughout the Dominican Republic in the few next weeks.

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