Leading Lady on YouTube’s Original Series «BRAVAS», Audri Nix Breaks free with new single and video «Aléjate»

Nix debuted as the Lead Role on the YouTube Original Series, BRAVAS

Different sounds, innovative projects and musical versatility are the latest that Puerto Rican singer and actress Audri Nix brings to the table for the Latin music industry to embrace. For several years, she dreamed of this moment and now she is living it with the release of her new single, “Aléjate”, released via Entertainment One (eOne). The single is available on all digital music platforms and the official video can be viewed on her official YouTube channel.

When talking about an artist who has the “complete package,” Audri Nix’s name comes to mind, as she takes part in the entire creative process when it comes to composing and producing. “With a sound that fuses pop with reggaeton, “Aléjate,” is about the perception someone has of you, and in many cases, that perception may not be the most positive. In this single, the other person believes I’m a bad person and thinks it probably because of the circumstances in my life that made me so. I tell this person to run away because they in fact, have been the bad one all along,” explains Audri about the track that will form part of her EP “Trap Pop,” showing off her musical maturity and a hybrid style that is nourished from the influences of different musical genres.

The music video for “Aléjate” was directed by Roxanna Baldovin and was filmed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Produced by Jessy Terrero and Cinema Giants, the video shows how the protagonist is perceived as the bad person up to the point of wanting to chain her up. However, everything changes when she ends up chaining him instead, as he was always the bad one and was only projecting himself onto her. “I tell this person to get away from me because if he thinks I’m the bad one, then why would he want to be near me. In the music video, it shows how we sometimes let ourselves become chained up by the opinions of others and that is why at the end, I break the chain,” said Audri.

The young artist recently debuted as lead in the YouTube Original Series, BRAVAS, becoming the first Puerto Rican woman to star in a series of this caliber. In addition, she will soon launch her first Extended Play, Trap Pop, where listeners will be able to enjoy influences of Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Reggaeton, Reggae, Rock, Electronic Music, Dancehall, among others.

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