From the «Women Of The Year» Award to the World Screen: Silvia Kal in «AWARENESS»

From the "Women Of The Year" Award to the World Screen: Silvia Kal in "AWARENESS"

Actress Silvia Kal is one of the actress in the recently released movie «AWARENESS,» which quickly soared to the number 1 spot worldwide on Amazon Prime.

Approximately a year ago, Silvia Kal was honored with the prestigious «Women Of The Year» award by Glamour Bulgaria magazine in the «Actress to Watch» category. This accolade foreshadowed her as an actress destined for success.

«AWARENESS» is a film directed by the talented director Daniel Benmayor and produced by Federation Spain. The movie’s plot revolves around a teenager with supernatural powers who lives with his father and uses his abilities to carry out small scams, creating visual illusions on unsuspecting victims. However, things take an unexpected turn when the protagonist’s powers go out of control in public, triggering a series of action-packed and science fiction events. The film boasts an all-star cast including talents like Carlos Scholz («Toy Boy»), María Pedraza («Elite»), Pedro Alonso («Casa de Papel»), Oscar Jaenada («Luis Miguel»), and Lela Loren («American Gods»).


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Despite living in Los Angeles, Silvia Kal continues to work on Spanish projects, showcasing her love and passion for her home country and its film industry. She has traveled to Spain numerous times for work. Additionally, in Los Angeles, she had the opportunity to participate in the making of a music video alongside Spanish singer David Bisbal, an internationally renowned artist.

«AWARENESS» has proven to be an unforgettable experience for viewers worldwide and has solidified Silvia as a prominent actress in the current cinematic scene. Silvia Kal’s journey is an inspiring beacon for aspiring actors and actresses striving to reach the stars in the entertainment industry.

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